Give your makeups a makeover

The makeup lesson

It feels a bit icky just saying it. Explaining policy, scheduling, explaining policy again — live makeups, whether private or group, never feel good. They always seem complicated and inconvenient for staff, student and families alike.

So let’s just ditch ‘em.

Leave them behind with all that is antiquated and start anew. Let’s give the makeup a makeover.

Ahh, feeling better already.

Let’s take a closer look

Billy isn’t coming in for his piano lesson today. Maybe you were told, maybe not. No matter. A half hour has been set aside for young Billy and his teacher is sitting there ready to teach. Let’s give the teacher something to do and let’s give Billy a lesson!

What a LessonMate “makeup” looks like

Give them real content. “Sorry you couldn’t come today. Keep working on last week’s lesson”isn’t going to cut it. Recap last week and give them something NEW and with video. It doesn’t need to be an opus, it simply needs to follow a simple template:

  1. Recap of last weeks live lesson
  2. A new idea, exercise or piece to start before the next lesson
  3. A video. This may be the most important part. Look into the camera, say hi, explain and show the new content.

Keep them connected, progressing and practicing till the next lesson with no live makeup required!

The make-up lesson — all fresh and new. Doesn’t it look spiffy? You bet.