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Holidays and Music Lessons

Dave Hemann
Sep 27, 2017 · 2 min read

Uh-oh. Here Come the Holidays. We’re about to enter it, folks. The holiday lull when everyone is excited about the holidays, the details, the family traveling, the family coming to visit, what to make for the big dinner, decorating, which tablecloth to use and if they have enough plates for everyone. The one thing that few are thinking about is their music lessons. Alas, what is a teacher to do? How do you get your students to practice and not give their brains 2 months off?

Brush off your holiday music because it’s time to celebrate! Whether your students enjoy Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa, Ramadan or St Lucia Day, you have a built-in audience that wants to celebrate. Whoop, Whoop! Seriously, this is the time where families, even the dysfunctional and difficult, try to come together in harmony- sometimes dissonant, but they try. Why not start learning a student’s favorite, or their Auntie’s favorite holiday song?

Some kids over it? The thought of plunking out a holiday song for family guests not their bag? Try some songwriting, or holiday sound effects, or a theme song for Nana and Poppa. Anything to keep them interested and hopefully wanting to share.

LessonMate can help you. Many students hate performing on cue at home but have no problem performing within a lesson.

Record it! Get it in there so it can be shared with their loved ones. They can even say a little something before they play- “Hi Auntie Sharon- this one’s for you!”

They’ll be happy, their parents will be happy and YOU’LL be happy they’re excited about something during a seasonally low time.


Change the way you do makeup lessons

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