The LessonMate Makeup Checklist

After much deliberation, you have gone and made the decision to no longer give live makeup lessons. Bravo! With the LessonMate makeup you will save time, not interrupt your regular tuition stream and just as importantly, provide your students with consistent and valuable weekly lesson information.

And here you are. Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 and Josh, your ever faithful piano student, is awol. You are staring at Josh’s LessonMate student page and racking your brain on how to start his makeup lesson via LessonMate. How do you create a lesson that is full of good info for Josh to work on for the week, satisfy his parents’ need to get something for their money, all before the start of your 4:00 lesson?

Relax. Easy as pie.

What you need is a plan. A system that you follow each and every time you create a makeup lesson. A checklist.

The LessonMate Makeup Checklist

These are the components of a LessonMate Makeup — simply follow the checks!

In the student’s LessonMate text box start with -

✓ A pleasant salutation — Ex. “Hey Josh, sorry you’re out today! Hope you’re having a great week.”

✓ A short review of last’s week lesson — Just look at the last weeks lesson note entry to remind yourself of what’s going on! Ex. “Last week we were looking at…

✓ New information — The trickiest part of the makeup but also the most important. It’s not enough to simply say “keep working on the same material”. There needs to be new information. Not a lot, just new. It can be:

  • Start or continue a song you are working on
  • New warm up
  • new scale
  • new technique exercise
  • new chord
  • new theory concept
  • new rhythmic concept
  • new fingering exercise
  • new music game
  • new ear training exercise
  • improvisation opportunity while teacher plays an accompaniment

“Go to the next page” is not sufficient. “Keep working on your song” is not sufficient.

✓ Whatever the new concept or song is, it should be explained with a video(s) tutorial. This is essential. The creation of a video is going to add real value to the makeup. A video should be no longer than 3 minutes in length in order to be effective. Studies show long videos will not be watched and that’s the last thing we want.

✓ Youtube Video — Though not essential, a great addition. Just paste the URL of a youtube video pertaining to the lesson into the text box in LessonMate and the video will be embedded directly into the lesson, no need for the student to leave their LessonMate page to view!

The LessonMate Makeup lesson works. It has worked for teachers all over the country for literally thousands of makeup lessons. It is good business and when done right, even better education.

Take courage, be confident and make that makeup!


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