You can always have a thousand friends, but only ever one family

You may have heard statements like “To ever be successful in life, you need to be very selfish”. While the good nature in you would always cringe and make you scream “That’s atrocious!”, experience will tell you that statement is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. There is a catch — I’d explain this shortly.

Growing up, I never really lacked anything in the real sense of the word lack. My dad (of blessed memory) was quite a wealthy man, so I was born a house so big I’d need more than 1 week to sleep in all the rooms. Said house was in a residential close that had about 9 compounds all residential. Said close was in a quite expensive area (you could see the government house from there).

My dad made me go to a public school, so I had both the exposure of the well to do and the experience of the streets. I was a happy child and quickly started leading the pack. It made me seek out early enough to take care of all of them. I was the go to guy for help because I was book smart, pretty intelligent and had cash + I am a very fine boy 😎

Fast forward to a few years, I was at the point where I wanted to make the world a better place. I literally gave myself for others because I would always have safety and security at home so there was nothing lost that could not be recovered. I went over and beyond for people (relying on family and the little resource I had) to help people, make them happy and comfortable. It didn’t really matter much to me because that’s how I learnt to love people. I’m not very big on the words or attention part (learning to correct this).

I’m a barely from 22 and literally all the people in my life have changed more than 3 times. I’ve given so many things out with “I promise to give it back” and then the child of man vanishes. I’ve also had people who I was there for under the sun and in the rain who because so busy when I had struggles. I also have those who would always come to ask but would never ever give. Hard life yes?

But all through my 21 years+ on earth, I have always had family behind me. Never have they shaken one day, never have they let me down one day, even when I entertained the company of others to theirs. Now I ask you, is the smarter thing not to focus on giving all to family and me? Giving all to yourself and your family. I should have had over 1000 people who had been friends or close associates at some point. I’ve also been same way with other people. All of that has changed right now — that’s life.

Back to where I started — to ever truly be happy and successful in life, you need to think about yourself first before trying to save the world. Superman tried to save the world and he was killed regardless. You need to be a little selfish from time to time because that is how to stay safe and sane in this crazy world.

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