Speak Like a Leader — 3 things I learnt from Andrian’s book

A strategy to improve your communication

  • Identify flaws
  • Decide an appropriate method of improvement
  • Practice it until you internalise it

A personal example: I often spoke too little due to anxiety about not saying the ‘right’ thing. I decided to lower my standards for what’s good enough to say. After becoming comfortable to speak about whatever was on my mind, I can now talk continuously in most situations (if I want to — I often choose to listen more, but the option is there)

It’s not about what you say but how you say it

For some time I was afraid to speak up and say anything that I didn’t consider a safe topic. However, you can talk about pretty much anything as long as you say it with confidence and are ready to back it up.

The concept of flow

I have seen come across this concept in many places, but this book is the first to introduce me to it. See this introductory TED talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXIeFJCqsPs

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