The Black Day of Pakistan : The Unsolved Murder Case

The Biggest Unsolved Murder Case in Pakistan

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Throughout history, we know that people in power like politicians faced a lot of death threats they are attacked by oppositions their enemies because of envy, personal grudges, power, fame, and because sometimes they are threats. But in my opinion, the murder of Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was the biggest in the history of Pakistan because she was the most beloved lady, the most powerful person in country and a probable choice for the next prime minister of Pakistan.

The very first prime minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan was murdered in Rawalpindi and the case remains unsolved the mystery is forbidden because some superiors made it vanish.

27 December 2007 one of the dark and mysterious days in the history of Pakistan. The day when former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was attacked and murdered. Same as our first prime minister in the same place Rawalpindi at Liaquat national bagh.

But the case is very mysterious how can it be possible that the army, the government of Pakistan was failed to track the killer even the reason for death was not sure, doctors were stopped giving their opinions on the case and the case was neglected, why the arrangements of security were not taken seriously?

Why the Liaquat bagh was selected for the Benazir assassination where Liaquat Ali khan was also murdered on 16 October 1951? And who was behind the murder?

Benazir exile and political skills

Benazir was exiled for 3 years on corruption charges. Even living abroad she leads her political party Pakistan People’s Party with great and admirable leadership skills which she inherited from her father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

It is very strange to say Musharraf gave her amnesty on all corruption charges while the elections were drowning near.

The first attempt of murder

She came back from London to Karachi, Pakistan, on 18 October 2007.

Soon after leaving Karachi International Airport she was attacked two times ( two bombs were exploded ) in this attack 149 bystanders were killed but Benazir survived. It is very clear that the attacks were pre-planned but no idea by whom by who have contributed in a great deal to emphasize the terror in Pakistan.

After the attack of 2007 things began to change Benazir knew she required tight security she asked President Pervez Musharraf, the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and very strange to say the Israeli government for help with security but was refused.

Corruption charges and current government

In this current government was a great suspect after the martial law hold an image of government among nation became very weak during this period PPP was burly so what could be better than killing their leader Benazir?

Benazir was charged with corruption charges major reason for her exile but more than her, her husband Asif Ali Zardari was involved in money laundering and corruption it is even said that Zardari plotted the attacks on Benazir because after her death he could become the head of PPP.

He knew that if PPP wants to win the elections of 2008 he requires voters moreover it was quite easy to gain votes by Sympathy which PPP could easily after the public murder of the beloved lady of Pakistan Benazir.

Day of Murder

On the death day of 27 December 2007, she was traveling in a Toyota Land Cruiser to the rally in Rawalpindi (Liaquat Ali bagh) where she was going to Khattab a huge crowd of people.

Her car was completely surrounded by people so you never know who actually enemy is. We can say it was a bad day, a day of loss, and the day of endorsing the terror.

She came out of the sunroof latch and disparately expressed her gratitude towards the crowd there three gunshots were opened at her and then with a suicide attack (bomb blast), Benazir was seriously injured. Few other people died on the support.

Interconnected case of Benazir and Liaquat Ali Khan

Benazir was taken to Rawalpindi General Hospital same where Liaquat Ali Khan was taken in 1951 after the gunshots.

Here history repeats itself or everything was already planned even Benazir was brought to Doctor Muhammad Musaddiq Khan son of Sadiq Khan (he tried to save Liaquat Ali khan after the gunshots). I have talked several times about Liaquat Ali khan because somehow both cases are very much interlinked with each other.

After Death Consequences

Benazir died and the reason for her death was claimed that “her neck was strangled due to which she died” doctors were forced to stop discussing the case her reports got missing all this shows everything was pre-planned by some very closed person.

As we know the most brutal ones and the most disloyal ones are always the closest ones. In the end, she was buried near her father at Bhutto Family Mausoleum, Garhi Khuda Bakhsh.

Unsolved Mystery

A considerable number of people tried to disclose the case and they were successful.

Now after 14 years mystery is still unsolved and the PPP still uses the name of Benazir. Who knows if we can ever get to know how was behind the murder.

We can only hope this biggest murder mystery can be solved and this was not the only unsolved case in Pakistan their thousands of murder cases unsolved law and government have turned their face from them.



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