Dictatorship: Its Types and Reasons

What is Dictatorship and Why it Takes Place

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What is a Dictatorship?

Dictatorship is the special type of ruling over a country. In which one may be a senior politician or any group owns all the authority for ruling over the country. He can rule on anyone, everything in the country. However, the government was democratic or not. The person or a team stands out from all the leaders and takes all the power of freedom, to take all the authorities to rule over the country.

Who is a Dictator?

The one as an individual or a team owns all the power and authority to lead over the country. By the use of authority, he/she provides all the facilities to the people that are needed. So, the one who does this is said to be Dictator.

Types of Dictatorship

Dictatorship is being owned by many politicians or any person or a team in the past. But it has not in any specific way or form. According to Barbara Gaddes, Dictatorship is classified into five types that are,

1. Military Dictatorships.

2. Personalists Dictatorships.

3. Single Party Dictatorships.

4. Hybrid Dictatorships.

5. Monarchic Dictatorships.

Military Dictatorships

Military dictatorships are introduced in the 20th century. In Military Dictatorships, power and all the authority of ruling the country are owned by any high-level officer or a team of officers. This type of dictatorship is led by the senior members of government institutes. In many countries all over the world, this type of dictatorships is established. Such as Pakistan, America, Nigeria, Burma, Indonesia, Brazil, Panama.


• Hungo Banzer was a Politian, 51st president, also a dictator of Bolivia.

• Jaun Maria Bordaberry was a politician, constitutional president (1972–1973), and served as a civilian dictator.

Personalists Dictatorships

According to the study, Personalist dictatorships are more dictorial than other types. In this type of dictatorship, a person as an individual stands out from all the others and leads the country. He may belong to any Political party or military.

Single Party Dictatorships

In a single-party dictatorship, the authority is owned by an individual party that may be political leaders or military officers. Currently, it is being possessed in the countries such as China, Laos, North Korea, Sahrawi Arab, Cuba, Eritrea, Vietnam.

Hybrid Dictatorships

Hybrid dictatorship is belonging to the three threats characteristics. Those are personalists, military people, and Single parties. When a team is having all these three characteristics and leading over the country, it is said to be Hybrid dictatorships.

Monarchic Dictatorships

In monarchic dictatorships, a person by inheritance takes over the country by having all the authorities and powers. The person has the position or oath by his inheritances.


• Saudi Arabia in which the power or lead of the country is owned by the royal, elite family.

Reasons Behind the dictatorship

Various countries established the dictatorship’s behavior and being passed by the dictatorship period. There are many elements or weak points that cause this type of special government called dictatorship. There is must be any reason, that causes or gives green signs to go towards dictatorships.

Some of the reasons that caused the governments or any individual to take place as a dictatorship are listed below:

Lack of Democracy Behaviors

Since we all know that for the good development of a country, democratic behavior is most important. Democratic government is needed to fulfill all the requirements of the public. Because it is the responsibility of the government to take care of all needs of the public.

When democratic behavior gets down or weak, and it can’t provide the facilities to the public, it becomes the cause of dictatorships. So, people give all the rights and authority to dictators.

Such as the lack of democratic behavior faced in Germany, Russia, Italy, and Spain. Due to it, the countries went towards dictatorship.

Epidemic of First World War

After the first world war, countries got disturbed to conduct democratic governments and managements. So, due to this epidemic charge of governments were taken by seniors in many countries. Executives lead the country by taking all the authorities of the government. This was just to maintain the democratic behavior that is needed for the development of the country.

Incompetent to secure Economic Freedom

When government parliament or any other government institutes failed to provide freedom life to the public, it caused dictatorships. Because the government is responsible to give life full of freedom to the public. But when they can’t deliver this, anyone comes and owns all the authorities to rule the country.

The best example of it is Russia. In Russia, Czar, Nicholas II got failed to rule the country before the revolution of 1917. Due to this, communists take charge and ensure the people to give freedom life. Communists played the role of dictatorship for them.

Incompetence of Democratic Government

The government of any country has the responsibility to provide all the facilities to the public. The government has to fulfill the needs and solve the problems of the public. But when the government gets weak to provide all the facilities, it is the green signal of dictatorship. When the lack of democratic aspects starts, dictatorship takes place by owning the authority to rule the country.

Paris Pact Injustice

According to the Paris Pact agreement, Germany has diverged into two parts. After the division of it, Germany was handled by other countries. Such as Denmark, Poland, France. But, the government of France and England got failed to fulfill this. This was also a great reason for dictatorship.



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