Did US Politicians Play With The Lives Of Fellow Citizens to win Election?

In 1980, it was alleged that Ronald Reagan sided up with Iranian revolutionaries to defeat Jimmy Carter.

Karthick Nambi
Lessons from History


Reagan's slogan for the election. Source-https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c1/Let%27s_Make_America_Great_Again_button.jpeg/800px-Let%27s_Make_America_Great_Again_button.jpeg

It was a political campaign for the most crucial position in the world. The US presidential election happens once every four years, and the drama hypes up each time.

Especially at the peak during the month of October just before the official election day in November, the scandal news reaches it peak. One popular US political tactic is the October Surprise. The October Surprise is news, usually scanadlous somebody deliberately releases jsut before the Elections. In one October Surprise, American citizens’ lives were at stake, and the politicians played with it.

US Elections

Photo by Janine Robinson on Unsplash

The USA is one of the largest democracies in the world, and the election for the president of the USA has the attention of the entire world.

There just two signficant political parties in the US, the Democrats and the Republicans. Since the elections occur in November. Campaigning and mudslinging peaks…