Rebuttable Presumption

What happens when a 16-year-old gets sent to the electric chair.

Florida death chamber

FORTUNE FERGUSON JR., ALIAS JEW FERGUSON, had an extremely close call, described as “hardly known to anyone except in hairbreadth fiction.” Convicted and sentenced to death in Florida’s Alachua County court in 1924 for the alleged rape (described as a “criminal attack”) of an 8-year-old White girl, the “negro”…




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The End of Narrative

in war, who won and who lost is not a question. there is only destruction.

“Salamat nalamang mga kapatid at akoy nabuhay pa sa hirap na pinag daanan ko na may isang buan…

Santa Claus and the Fly Agaric

The corpse that changed color

The Battle That Propelled Emperor Constantine To Historic Greatness

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Dale M. Brumfield

Dale M. Brumfield

Anti-death penalty advocate, cultural archaeologist, “American Grotesk” historyteller and author of 11 books. More at

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