The Artillery That Rocked The Indian Government

The Bofors Scam, which occurred in 1987, was the first wide-scale international scandal in India and significantly shaped its politics.

Karthick Nambi
Lessons from History


Photo by John Torcasio on Unsplash

During the Kargil war between India and Pakistan in 1999, the mountains of Kashmir thundered with artillery fire. The Bofors artillery shattered the Pakistani positions and was crucial to the Indian offensive.

A few years back, the same Bofors guns shook Indian politics and led to the fall of a government. The Bofors Scam was a multinational fraud that landed the Indian and Swedish governments in hot waters.

Nascent India

Photo by Martin Jernberg on Unsplash

India has a unique geography surrounded by not-so-good neighbors. Pakistan, on the east, was part of British India and was separated in 1947 by a violent partition.

After independence, India and Pakistan fought four major wars and many skirmishes. Pakistan, even today, supports and trains terrorists on its soil to cause havoc in India. To the north, we have China. China and India set off a brotherly relationship after independence.