The Panama Canal’s Sister Canal — Nicaragua Canal

Older than the Panama Canal proposal, the Nicaragua Canal was jinxed from the beginning

Karthick Nambi
Lessons from History


Source-Dall. E

Panama channel is the most vital part of our globalized world. Almost 30% of world trade and a significant part of US coast-to-coast trade move through the Panama Channel.

Do you know there is a jinxed sister channel project that predates the Panama Canal? It’s the Nicaragua Canal, and it’s been a dream for over a century.

Sailing The Seas


The Polynesians were probably the first humans to harness the power of wind. They built rafts and hopped from island to island like the Pacific Ocean was a lake. Ships were mainly used for commerce and also for the navy.

Merchant ships carried exotic goods around the world. With the invention of the steam engine, there was no need to depend on wind for navigating ships. Colonization fuelled the need for faster and stronger ships. Ships during this time helped commoners travel across the Atlantic Ocean. As global consumption increased, there was a need for faster routes.