The Sex Crazed Wife Who Saved Husband’s Empire

A frenzied mob beaten back thanks to the courage of a woman

Leda the Swan a 16th-century copy after a lost painting by Michelangelo

There was a time in ancient Constantinople, where actresses were considered high-class prostitutes. A time where acting on stage involved lots of nudity and sexual fluids. Women on stage were celebrated for their voracious sexual appetites. Some…




Lessons from History is a platform for writers who share ideas and inspirational stories from world history. The objective is to promote history on Medium and demonstrate the value of historical writing.

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Thank you, Dr. Timuel Black

Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi and CCAO Director of Outreach Kelwin Harris are with Chicago legend Timuel Black.

Day Tripping: November 8

The Golden Age of Black Business (1900–1930)

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Titanic. How did the Unsinkable Titanic Sink? What happened after the Titanic Disaster?


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