Why Hitler Became the Chancellor of Germany

Achievements Of Adolf Hilter Which Leads Him To Become The Chancellor Of Germany

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In May 1919, after getting discharged from the hospital Adolf Hitler started working as a political worker in Munich. After few three months, he joined the Small German Workers’ Party as an army agent. I920, he left the army because he wants to improve and became his position strong in the party. Also in this year, the party was renamed the National-sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (Nazi). After this act, many conditions of this party were raped. Due to too many terms of peace at the end of the war, economic problems were increased.

In 1921, he became the leader of the party and started the mass movement. The purpose of the mass movement was to gather all the members of the party to attract towards himself for getting loyalty. He continued the propaganda against the other party through the newspapers and the meetings. In November 1923, Hitler and General Erich Ludendorff struggled to take fruitful results from the opposition of the Weimer Republic. Because he wanted to compel the commanders of the army to announce the national revolution. The growth of his followers has been seen at the peak point in the Munich Beer Hall. In this event, four policemen were killed and the Adolf Hitler got injured. Hitler was sentenced to prison for five years, but he served just nine months in the prison.

Humanity was the basic natural unit for Hitler. The German leaders were also loyal to humanity. But the parliament democratic government doesn’t believe that Hitler has equality for humankind. According to Hitler, the greatest enemy of Nazism was the rival Weltanschauung, Marxism instead of the liberal democracy of Germany. Historians wrote in history that the final objective was to must remove the Jews.

In the mid of 1920s, Hitler participated in the electoral battles and street battles as a speaker and organizer. After participation in the battles against the Communist’s Rotfrontkampferbund and the Nazis’ Strumbabteilung (SA).

Due to the absence of Hitler in the prison, the Nazi party faced many economic issues and got lazy. Due to these problems and improper conditions Hitler faced issues after he gets liberty from prison. Hitler was not allowed to deliver the speech in Bavaria and also in the other states of German. This prohibition continued from 1927 to 1928. Hitler succeeds to get the position against Gregor Strasser. Also, the number of his followers was increasing day by day.

In 1930, Hitler made an agreement with the Nationalist Alfred Hindenberg to start the campaign against the Young Plan. Hitler succeeded to get the nationwide audience in a very large number with the help of the Hindenberg newspaper. This agreement was also helpful for Hitler to get support from other businessmen and the industries that control the political funds.

Hitler got achieved this purpose to get support and funds from the businessmen and the industries. But the achievement of Hitler was the establishment of the National Party. In 1930

This party got the votes in the elections that are 2.6% increased than the elections of 1928. This achievement made the party the second largest in Germany.

Later, in 1932 Hitler stand in the elections presidential against the Hindenberg and captured 36.8 percent of votes in this election. He got himself in a strong position in the political system of Germany.

In November 1932, when Nazi got fewer votes than Hitler, then Adolf Hitler insisted that the chancellor’s office is the only one that he accepted. On the 30th of JANUARY 1933 by the offer of Hindenberg, he became the chancellor of Germany.

Achievements of Adolf Hitler which leads him to become the Chancellor of Germany

Bamberg Conference

When Adolf Hitler was released from prison in December 1924, he thought the ban on the Nazi party should be removed. For this, he also convinced the Chancellor of Bavaria. In 1926 Adolf Hitler arranged the Bamberg Conference and planned the activities for many years. Later, he succeeds on political and social sides.

Adolf Hitler did his best to get his supporters and followers. For this, he established new groups in many professions for children, adults, and for all ages. This gain in his followers helped Hitler to gain power.


Hitler started propaganda that has aimed to remove the fear of instability from the people. Joseph Goebbels joined their party in 1924, who played an important role to succeed in the propaganda. Joseph Goebbels tried to get more followers and supporters of the Nazi Party. He started campaigns through the newspaper, media, posters, films, radio, and many just to reach more people. By these methods, Hitler succeeds to get his position strong. After this, Hitler was known as “The Hitler Myth”.

Political Instability

From the mid of 1920 to early 1930, the political system was not stable. This instability in the political system made a place for Hitler, Many political parties failed to deliver the facilities to the public. They were unable to rule Germany by democratic behavior. Due to this failure of the other politicians, Hitler started his struggles to attract the public towards himself. Later, Hitler succeeds to get the position to rule over the country with the help of his supporters and team.

Economic Instability

As the Weimer Republic was facing the issue of economic instability. After the Wall Street Crash of 1929, Germany has badly faced economic issues. Because Germany was dependent on American loans from 1924. Due to these loans, Germany was in a deep depression. In this period, many people were unemployed and about ten thousand businesses were closed every year due to this issue.

This problem also helped the Nazi Party to attract the people towards Hitler.

Electoral Success

In 1930, the Nazi party got eight times more votes than in 1928 and got 107 seats in the Reichstag. This failure of the government was a good sign of Hitler’s achievements. In 1932, Hitler again participated in the elections against the Hindenberg for the seat of the president. In this election, Hitler didn’t get more votes than the Hindenberg. But later in July 1932, in the Reichstag elections, the Nazis succeed this election by getting 230 seats and became the chancellor of Germany.



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