Redefining Fatherhood Around the World

Mencare, A Global Fatherhood Campaign (2011)

Commitment by: Promundo
Commitment Partners: United Nations Population Fund, Vital Voices Global Partnership, GBCHealth, MenEngage, Rutgers, Save the Children, Sonke Gender Justice, UN Women

Approximately 80 percent of men and boys worldwide will become fathers in their lifetime. In 2011, Promundo and its partners committed to launch MenCare, a global campaign dedicated to ensuring that fathers and caregivers act as equitable, nonviolent partners in parenthood. Today, pervasive inequalities between men and women are holding fathers, mothers, and children back. From sharing domestic work to assuming child-rearing duties, the increased involvement of men can promote women’s social and economic equality and help children to succeed. A father’s participation in his child’s life matters: it is linked to increased achievement in school, it improves mental health, and it supports the development of empathy and social skills.

Marcio describes the importance of men’s involvement in the lives of their families, even if it goes against traditional expectations.

Through MenCare programming, such as community workshops and trainings, men and women are changing the norms and narratives for the future of fatherhood. Campaigns and advocacy at the community, national, and global levels reinforce this change, unlocking positive outcomes for everyone involved. MenCare is now active in more than 35 countries around the world.

MenCare’s media campaigns are adapted to support and encourage involved fatherhood in different cultures and countries around the world.
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