Lessons from Theater

Applying theater and improv lessons in life

Everyone’s a Critic

Learning to take criticism in a world full of designers

There’s a tradition in theatrical productions that you probably don’t know about if…

In Defense of Musical Theater

It’s much more than jazz hands. It’s life and death, childhood and growing up.

Success Doesn’t Even Make it into the Equation

More and more people are identifying as artists and the percentage of those that will make a significant living from it…

The Best Question An Artist Can Ask

Artists are really good at making mistakes and failing. The are supremely talented at it actually. I see this as a good thing. In terms of understanding…

“Am I A Snob?” Homeschool Theatre Redux

Sometimes a 4 hour show makes you rethink life.

I had just graduated, gotten sick, heard of a close family friend’s…

Speaking with Distinction or Talking like a Snob?

The Weird, True Story Behind Good Speech (a.k.a “Theeeeaahtah Voice”)

Nobody Gets Famous in Chicago

How the Back Room Shakespeare Project Gave Up on Theatre — and Revived It

Food and Blood: American Culture in Musical Theatre

or: Art with Relevance (and Singing)

Every theatre company is idiosyncratic in its own way; Out of the Box…

Creating a Play Through Improvisation (intro)

what the heck are we doing?!!?!?!?!

This is a series of posts about our experience creating No Fury, a show that

Learning Management from Drama

How ‘theater-shows’ made me a better start-up guy

There were so many similarities I found in management and theater. Thanks to…

The Oscar’s Effect

How one Night Effected an Aspiring Actress

The Oscars, one night, where every role model to actors is in the same room. In the eyes of a aspiring…

I Was Chris Walken’s Dresser

My Dream Job Gives Me A Ride Home

I Was Christopher Walken’s Dresser

Auditions are a Tease

You are Never Really Satisfied

Today I went to an Audition in New York City. Having auditioned quite a lot in the last five years, I have come…

Seven Thoughts On Professional Acting 

What I Learned From Seven Years of Acting and Producing in New York City

How to Talk in Front of People Without Passing Out

Survival Tips for Public Speaking

Forget sharks or spiders, for many people their biggest fear is public…

Beyond “yes, and…”

What I changed my mind about in 2013

Improv classes changed my life. For many years I’ve been impressed by the on-the-spot creativity, confidence…

How I Survived College

As a Theatre Major 

As I approach the last semester of my college career, I take a step back and give myself a good look. To be honest, not much…

Improv(e) Life

How lessons from improvisational acting can help you brainstorm better

A few years ago I did one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done: I…

That’s Why They Call It “Acting”…

Or, you are not your job

Most people are familiar with the concept of “method acting.” In it’s original form, method acting meant…

“Habit is the great deadener.”

Samuel Becket — Waiting for Godot

I had the pleasure/misfortune to work on a production of Waiting for Godot through all of its…

Be Prepared

It’s not just for Boy Scouts

From ages 4 through 27 years, I can safely say that a significant amount of my time was spent preparing to become someone else…

What’s my motivation?

Understanding what you want

Every actor worth their salt thinks about what motivates their character through the course of a theatrical…

If it ain’t fun, you’re doing it wrong!

Why fun matters

My daughter loves to play golf. We all went out - daughter, son, husband and me - to play golf one weekend…

Lessons from Theater
Lessons from Theater

Applying theater and improv lessons in life

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