It Attacks from Within

The modern disease.

It knows exactly where to hit you, and when to strike. It strips away euphoria, replacing it with an emotional numbness. You don’t see any point to anything, and you think you’re worthless. You can’t be bothered with going out, eating properly, or - in some cases - personal hygiene. 

Depression. It’s real, and it’s everywhere. I’ve suffered with this ‘condition’ — I prefer to call it a disease — for nearly 8 years now. Some days you’re fine, visiting friends and having a great day. Others, you don’t even remember what happiness feels like. You sit and randomly cry, you don’t even know why.

It’s not something we can defeat by ignoring it. It’s a condition that will get worse as our lives become busier and busier. It causes the tiniest things to become stressful, and you never know what tomorrow will bring. Don’t ignore it. If you know someone who’s depressed, be there for them when they need you. Support them through the dark times, and revel with them during the highs. 

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