An up-and-coming global tech capital might not be where you first guessed. (Hint: it’s Nigeria!)

Nigeria’s Phenomenal Software Development Industry

When you think about Nigeria, the first thing that comes to your mind probably isn’t a melting pot of innovative tech. Although if you did think of Nigeria being anything other than this when it comes to their technical sophistication, you’ll be in for a surprise when you learn about what’s actually going on in this humble West African country.

The software industry in Nigeria has recently being going through a rapid growth process, currently there are over 4000 software engineers in Nigeria, startups are springing up everywhere, and the need for developers has continuously been on the rise.

This article was written by the talented Shodipo Ayomide (and revised by Mikey Stecky-Efantis). Published with permission under the Press.
I personally saw the light at age 11, I saw what was going on in the software development world in my country. So that’s when I started my career as a developer. Nigeria as a country made it possible for me to get through all the trials of becoming a competent software developer. I now have over 2 years experience as a developer and the community in my country has allowed me to flourish and continually improve on my programming abilities. Shodipo Ayomide

Nigeria as a country has passionately woven a heart for software development. This true passion has fruitfully resulted in an international presence. Companies from around the globe now seek Nigerian developers to establish high quality tech solutions.

To demonstrate Nigeria’s ever-growing presence on the international stage of the world of technology, I will go over some of the bleeding-edge companies that have sprouted and thrived from the fertile soil of Nigeria’s tech ecosystem., coming all the way from New York City, saw a light in Nigerians and decided to have a station here in Lagos, Nigeria. Andela bridges the divide between the tech worlds of North America and Nigeria.

Next we have, all the way from the United States. Cloud Cover established their company here in Lagos, Nigeria because like Andela, they saw something bright in Nigeria: Cloud Cover saw exceptional tech talent in Nigeria.

As of today, the 15th of February 2018, Nigeria is the third most technologically developed country in Africa. [reference]

Nigeria is becoming an increasingly dominant player in the worldwide technology space. Nigeria has countless well-placed startup companies moving up the ladder in their various industries. But wait, hold on a second! These startups couldn’t have succeeded without help from priorly successful businesses in Nigeria.

The following are the companies who are currently helping the Nigerian tech scene scale up and become among the top 3 most advanced countries in the world:

1. Andela

Provides world-class teams of developers for companies that need them.

2. Cloud Cover

Producer of ground-breaking 4G/LTE CC1 Mi-Fi devices that ensure constant connectivity using virtual SIM technology.

3. Co-Creation Hub

A financially sustainable incubator that hosts over 50 innovative Nigerian startups.


A Nigerian media outlet sharing the narrative of the African world of tech.


An advanced technology-based hotel booking company.

6. VoguePay
Internet based payments made easy.

7. Flutterwave

Another high tech cloud based payment solution.

8. Interswitch Nigeria

ANOTHER progressive internet payment platform.

9. MainOne

Cutting-edge West African based cloud services.

10. Jobberman

A very high quality job board and career advancement website.

An Innovative Startup Environment

As you can see with this extensive list of modern tech companies, Nigeria is closer to Silicon Valley than many areas in North America and Europe.

The Nigerian tech community has established an environment that’s very conducive to creating startups that grow and flourish on a global scale. Tech collaborations also spring up as a result of online communities including the Facebook Developer Circles, Forloop, and the Google Developers Community Groups.

And now, is finally joining the race in building the foundation for Nigerian software engineers and the foundation of Nigeria’s tech ecosystem. features the Canadian based developer Mikey Stecky-Efantis and the Nigerian based developer Shodipo Ayomide.

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This article was written by Shodipo Ayomide and was edited and revised by Mikey Stecky-Efantis.

Published with permission under the Press.