Let’s Be 1 One

“I look through your eyes and I appreciate the beauty of your soul, great and alive. I discover we are the same flesh, we share the same origin: LOVE, the creative energy, the most powerful force that called us into existence. When I look through your eyes I feel safe, I hope to be accepted just as I am, I decide to accept you just as you are. We are the 
same. I look through your eyes and I see we are connected, nothing can separate us, we are united by the same spirit, the desire to be happy, to live in peace. After a few minutes of contemplating your soul and feeling your spirit, I realize that I not only see you, I also see myself, I see the best version of me. Connecting, I feel how you bring out the best of me and I discover that I reflect on you and you reflect on me, we are a mirror. From now on, what happens to you will happen to me. I care about you because I know who you are, I have felt your soul and your spirit, because I am part of you and you are part of me. We just discovered the best treasure of all, we are not alone and will never be because we are one. Let´s share and spread the word all around, let´s remind everyone that when recognizing one another all the walls come down, from now on, let’s be one!”
Armando Regil-Velasco, Global Shaper, Mexico City Hub

In a world of increasing uncertainty where violence and terrorism burn the dreams and hopes of many children and youth, we believe it is urgent to understand the real causes of our problems in order to tackle them effectively and decisively.

Let´s go to the origin. Life is a wonderful journey in a constant search of meaning and happiness.

The problem is that we are going too fast, we have forgotten that we are 
surrounded by people with the same dreams and hopes, that we are interdependent, that everything we do has an impact in the people around us and our communities and that the world has become a small village where everything affects everyone because we are all one.

Beyond any difference in religion, race, sex, interests or talents, we are all connected, we are One Humanity, share One Spirit and live in One World.

“We the youth are determined to demonstrate that we are stronger than any fear and the only way to overcome many of the most pressing global challenges such as hate, violence and xenophobia, is reshaping the way we relate and communicate with one another through small actions full of love.”

Let’s make visible the invisible and heard the unheard.

The first step is recognition, observing every person through the eyes to make them feel cared and loved and recognizing who we really are. The only way to close the gap dividing us is by opening the space in ourselves to discover the greatness of the others, allowing them to be part of our lives. We have a great opportunity so that every person that reaches us leaves happier and touched. That will make a big difference. It is time to shift from the fear of weapons that kill and destroy to the hope of more powerful weapons that connect us to build genuine and stronger relationships.

As it has been said at the World Economic Forum:

“Humankind is at the threshold of a new industrial revolution driven by the confluence of a staggering range of emerging technologies. Like a tsunami, we are being engulfed by revolutionary technology-driven forces, tearing apart the fabric of economies, industries and societies.”

As Professor Klaus Schwab, pointed out, “if managed well”, the unfolding 
Fourth Industrial Revolution can bring about a cultural renaissance that is truly global, and could lead to a more inclusive, sustainable and harmonious society.

This will be the commitment of our generation.

The Global Shapers from the Mexico City Hub enthusiastically join and embrace this opportunity to successfully master the Fourth Industrial Revolution and therefore, we invite all the Hubs around the world and other communities of the World Economic Forum to move a step forward advancing the Forum´s mission by making this new era more humane, inclusive and sustainable.

Let´s Be1 One is:

• A call to use more powerful weapons than guns or bombs: care, empathy, 
support someone around who is in need. 
• A call to promote thousands or millions of small actions that shape and heal a better world.
• A call to tear down the walls of hate, fear, violence and xenophobia.
• A call to care, give, do and share so we can make visible the invisible.
• An opportunity to build a bridge among religions and races to improve the dialogue and understanding among each other.

Wr invite you to join the campaign in 3 ways:
1. Be One: Connect through the eyes and identify a need. Reshape 
the way we relate and communicate with one another through small actions 
that improve the well being of people around you. The only and true mirror 
where we see ourselves as we really are is through the eyes of the others. Let´s be one through kindness everywhere we go.

2. Be you: Take action to improve something in your community 
sharing your time and talents. Let’s make visible the invisible and heard the unheard.

3. Be all: Share your story on Let’s Be 1 One Medium publication where best practices and great stories from all the hubs around the world will inspire more people to make things happen, work together and be one. Let’s be part of a cultural renaissance.

Share and spread the good news through a picture, video or comment with the hashtag: #LetsBe1One.

Share your story.

It is time to give the best of us to receive the best of everyone. Join us and be one.

Armando Regil-Velasco @armando_regil
Global Shaper Mexico City Hub
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