DAY 04–27/04/2016

Aloha Hackers ,

The greatest mistake you can make in your life is to continually feeling that you can make one .

Well it was a busy day at office , working on a SDN project and today got some success in the work I was stuck in for days , All I can say opensource is a boon for Software engineers ,

When you work in a StartUp especially a product based , all you are surrounded with is OPENSOURCE or FREE .

For reason mostly being “one just can’t afford a licensed product :)”

Need a :

  • HTTP server and reverse proxy -Nginx
  • Web Application Firewall -ModSecurity(OWASP)
  • Private and Public Clouds -Openstack
  • Firewall configuration tool-Shorewall
  • Monitoring Solution -ELK
  • High Availability -Heartbeat and Pacemaker
  • Test management tool- TestLink
  • Defect tracking system -Bugzilla
  • Automation framework -PyTest
  • Continuous integration tool -Jenkins
  • Version control system -Bitbucket

These products are one of the best in the market , all I am saying is they serve your purpose and are Opensource .

The biggest advantage of Opensource to an integrator (yes that’s what you are doing most of the time — integrating cool opensource product to build your solution or sometimes if you are a little more clever , integrating cool opensource product to develop your licensed product “SWAG” )

is that “you can google it” , you have a huge community 24*7 providing you technical support (StackOverflow is divine.)

Why am I bawling over it ?

Because I have been snatched of this pleasure . Working on project surrounded by licensed products as I am creating a SDN solution for a billionaire company .

And all I get when I google are documents and pdf’s written in the most professional way by great Tech writers , God Bless them , who themselves have no technical idea of what they are writing about .

OK let’s move towards some preparation for today .

So Javascript it is :)

Back to Free Code Camp -

Let’s note down things as well for me as well as your reference

Heads Up I am beginner in JS , So pro’s can skip the below bullet points or just glide over the bold text , your wish -

  • JavaScript provides seven different data types which are undefined, null,Boolean, string, symbol, number, and object.
  • Variable names can be made up of numbers, letters, and $ or _, but may not contain spaces or start with a number.
  • When JavaScript variables are declared, they have an initial value of undefined. If you do a mathematical operation on an undefined variable your result will be NaN which means “Not a Number”. If you concatenate a string with an undefined variable, you will get a literal string of “undefined”.
  • In JavaScript all variables and function names are case sensitive.

Well , there was nothing more substantial I did today in JS other than getting a hang of it’s Data Structures and syntax . Will have to pace a little more .

My Free Code Camp score has gone to 168 .


Today we also have the Atletico — Bayern UEFA Champions League semifinal Game 1 , hopefully all you guys are geared up for it . I am cheering for Atletico as the team that eliminated my favourite Barcelona , deserves to win .

It’s 01:43 am and I am signing off for today .


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