Changes coming

Greetings, Lethean community! We hope everyone is having a good year so far. We are hard at work as always, forging through the ongoing crypto bear market plaguing everyone. This update covers some recent interesting community happenings, as well as hinting at some developments coming up further down the line.

Development Corner

We are currently still working on our next wallet release. Recently, we anticipated that the new version would be released around this time. However, we have decided instead to delay the release of the wallet for a little while to make sure that when it is released, it is the best quality that we feel it can be at launch. As such, we anticipate the release to now occur in approximately two weeks. During this time, our main focus will be working on resolving bugs that were found during user testing. You can follow our progress by viewing our GUI development branch located here.

The development team has been keeping a close eye on the developments of Monero’s new POW algorithm, and our development team has already performed a preliminary analysis of the code. We plan to incorporate it as soon as Monero finalizes the changes. We will not trail behind Monero in following their proof of work algorithm as we have in the past.


Alex, our CMO, attended the OKEx Networking Event in Bangkok on the 13th of February. It was a very pleasant evening filled with some interesting speakers and a few good networking opportunities. As it was an event organized by the OKEx exchange, many staff members of the OKEx team joined the discussions, as well as a variety of speakers such as the Chief Evangelist of CoinMarketCap, the CEO of Bitkub Exchange in Thailand, and the CMO of Fantom just to name a few.

This link has more information about the speakers who attended.

After talking with face to face to a few managers of other projects (mostly ICOs), it became clear that they were struggling a lot with the current market conditions. Comments such as “less motivation” and “hard times” were frequently heard from others. From this standpoint, we can be proud of the internal atmosphere of Lethean. We are like a family, sticking together through tough times and working even harder when others want to quit.

Other news

Pi Nodes

One key feature of Lethean is that any user is able to create an exit node. A few of our technologically savvy community members, with the help of our developer, Luis, decided to take this feature to its logical conclusion and created a node on the smallest, most portable hardware they had available: a Raspberry Pi processor. Some Pi nodes are currently up and running, and are entirely functional on the relatively small hardware. The nodes running on Pi processors have “Pi” somewhere in their descriptions or titles.

Pictured below are photos of a Pi node case design:

The Pi node pictured above was created by CryptoCloaks. CryptoCloaks crafted a very fancy case to house the Pi in with a little help from the community and the team.

We feel that these Pi nodes are an excellent milestone in Lethean’s development, as they prove that just about anyone can run a node, and provide proof of concept for Lethean hardware. With this in mind, Lethean hardware may be released a lot sooner than quarter four of 2019.

Ongoing brand guidelines update

Mary, our recently hired graphic designer, is currently working on our branding guidelines. This is the first step of the design process for our website. Once she finishes these guidelines, website development will then begin in full force.

Lethean listed on WhatToMine

Lethean was recently added to the WhatToMine website! This site allows visitors to supply their hash power for various crypto mining algorithms, and then it suggests what currencies to mine based on price, difficulty, and other factors. We are very happy that Lethean has been listed on their site not only because it is a useful tool for our community, but also because our presence on the site will attract new users to our project. We hope that community members both old and new can utilize this great new tool to their advantage.

New things on the horizon

To close, we have a few things that we have been working on in the background that we are not ready to fully discuss with the community. However, we can say that we are working on building new partnerships, and we are very excited to see what these opportunities hold for us. As we receive more details and are capable of sharing more information, we will do so with the community.


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