Mandatory update and CryptoNightR implementation

Lethean community, we would like to inform you that as of block 391500, we will be hard forking and implementing CryptoNightR (a.k.a. CryptoNight variant 4, cn/r, or Monero v10 ). This is a mandatory update, and you are required to make these changes to continue to mine, send or receive transactions, and use the VPN services.

If you do not update your wallet software, your coins will remain intact and untouched on the network. Upon updating your wallet, you can resume sending/receiving coins and using the VPN.

Wallet update:

To update your wallet, you will simply need to download the most recent version of the wallet software.

You can find the Lethean CLI wallet v3.1.0 here

You can find the Lethean GUI wallet v3.1.0 here

Lists of changes in each software are posted on the release pages above.

Mining update:

With this update, you will need to change your mining algorithm to CryptonightR (a.k.a. Cryptonight v4, cn/r, or Monero v10). Each mining program is different, so be sure to locate the proper resources for your chosen miner in order to successfully switch algorithms.

Pool operators:

Pool operators must update both wallet binaries (or rebuild from source using v3.1.0 tag/latest master) and the pool software. To update the wallet binary, download the latest linux v3.1.0 CLI wallet. If you are using Venthos’ nodejs-pool which is maintained exclusively for Lethean, simply run `git pull` to obtain the latest master, `npm update`, and restart your pool.

If you are pool operator, it is recommended that you join our discord, as we provide up to date support and real time assistance. If you are not in our Discord server for pool operators, and you need assistance with the mandatory changes for this update, please visit our Discord for further assistance.

Exit node operators:

For those of you operating exit nodes, it is important to update to the latest lethean-vpn software version as well. You can update your exit node software by following the update steps listed in the readme. Please note that this only upgrades the dispatcher and not the Lethean wallet binary. The dispatcher must have communication with a network synced wallet in order to process payments for your VPN services! To upgrade your wallet to v3.1.0 (required by the hard fork), either rebuild from source, or download the latest linux v3.1.0 CLI wallet.

Make sure you are using the `master` branch of our lethean-vpn repo (`git checkout master`), which is considered the most stable!

Known issues

Users paying for VPN services should be aware that subsequent payments (e.g. payments after the first initial payment) are not being processed properly by exit nodes. You should not set the GUI to auto-renew your connection to VPN providers until this bug is fixed, or you will waste coins for subsequent time purchased! We are working to resolve this issue and anticipate a resolution next week, which will require a software update for exit node operators only.

The CLI and GUI wallet and daemon do not have any known issues.


Exchanges were notified with the release of the CLI wallet on Wednesday March 6, and they have verified that they are up to date. You should not see any delays with deposits or withdrawals. If for some reason you experience an issue with a deposit or withdrawal, please contact, so we can ensure that exchanges have properly implemented the update.