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Windows VPN Release and Marketing Updates

Good day to you, Lethean family!

We hope you enjoyed our little April fool’s article that was posted a few minutes before this one. With that being said, we are very excited for this update, as it is the first real one since the launch of our full VPN client for Windows, which occurred on March 29. With that being said, we also have some other very exciting news to share with you outside of the Windows VPN release.

Development Corner

Windows VPN Launch

As of March 29, we have released the alpha version of the full VPN client for Windows. We could not be more proud of our development team, and we are thankful for all of the hard work that went into this release. We are very pleased with the initial results of the open alpha test for Windows. However, that does not mean that we will stop working; we will diligently continue development until we have a polished product. While we work on polishing the Windows VPN, we will be working on creating a full VPN for both Linux and MacOS. You can read our latest article about the full Windows VPN launch here.

Moving forward, we are setting our sights on making it easier for users to obtain and update the Lethean wallet. To do this, we will be working on adding the Lethean VPN wallet to the Windows store and the iTunes store for MacOS. This will significantly decrease the amount of time that it takes to update the end user’s wallet, and have it function properly without needing to manually download another wallet when an update is made.

We are fully aware that a mobile wallet and a mobile VPN solution is of interest to our community. As such, we are also going to be looking at mobile implementation after we have finalized the full VPN client for Linux and MacOS. We currently have our target for mobile implementation set for the third quarter of this year. We will update you as we have future developments relating to mobile wallets and mobile VPN solutions.

Release Manager Opening

We are currently searching for a release manager to work with us. For more details regarding the position and to apply, visit lethean.io/jobs.


We have a lot to cover in the marketing department today.

Branded Content Marketing Campaign

We will be starting a branded content marketing campaign in early April. We will keep the community posted as our plan develops further.

Website update

We are in the process of fully finalizing our new website. It is nearly completed, and we will be releasing it around mid April. We are very excited for our community to see the results and giving Lethean a fresh & new online presence. Below is a small sneak peak.

Lethean in the news

Recently, Casey had the opportunity to sit down with a writer discussing the pornography ban in the United Kingdom, as well as discuss the use cases for Lethean. You can read the article here.

Honeypod partnership recap

As of 3/18, we announced our partnership with Honeypod. Honeypod is a hardware manufacturing company located in Delaware, USA. Their same-named ‘Honeypod’ is a small portable hardware device that helps you to browse the internet more securely. The Honeypod device was designed to stop trackers, ads, and block unwanted third party communications before they ever reach your computer. Our partnership with Honeypod means that Lethean’s exit node services will be integrated in all HoneyPod devices. In short: this will be the first hardware to be distributed with integrated Lethean exit node technology.

To read more particular details regarding the Lethean/Honeypod partnership, you can visit this link.

Exchange listings


Lethean was recently listed on Txbit!

Txbit is proudly made and based in the Netherlands, and is a cryptocurrency exchange built from the ground up to meet today’s demands in security, privacy, reliability, and speed. The proprietary trading engine and interface deliver a blazing-fast, world-class user experience catering to traders who enjoy spending some time behind the charts, but also to those who prefer to be in and out quickly.

Today’s cryptocurrency exchange industry is largely split into small, poorly managed and outdated exchanges, and the large, high volume exchanges that are near impossible to be listed on due to high fees and excessive bureaucracy. Txbit aims to fill this gap, providing a modern exchange platform for everyone to use. Txbit are firm believers in growing the cryptocurrency industry without bankrupting legitimate projects in the process.


OffshoreX.exchange is an exchange that is currently under development, so you will not be able to trade Lethean at this time. However, it was brought to our attention that OffshoreX.Exchange will be adding us. You can see the tweet verifying this information here.

Other Exchange News

In other news, we are currently in the process of reviewing our options to obtain a legal opinion that our cryptocurrency is not a security. We have been discussing this prospect with legal teams inside the United States and in Malta. You may be wondering why these places are our targets for a legal opinion. The answer is we have noticed a trend of top tier exchanges that are looking for legal opinions from these locations. Once we have a legal opinion from one of these locations, we will be in a better spot to submit an application.

Reddit AMA and Open Q&A in our Discord

In early to mid April, we will be available for a number of community engagement opportunities. We would like to invite the community to an open discord discussion with us on Friday, April 12 at 17:00 UTC. If you do not have the opportunity to join our Discord meeting, we will have an open AMA available to you on April 26. We will be live answering your questions starting at 1:00 PM UTC. We hope that you join us in either of these meetings or both if possible. We will make sure to update our community a few days ahead of time in our Discord and on our social channels.


Lethean has gathered strong momentum on Twitter over the last three weeks, receiving more than 2,500 profile visits. This marks an increase of more than 1,500% compared to the previous month. By being very supportive and engaging other Twitter users, our community had a huge impact on our visitor numbers as well. We would therefore like to thank everyone who participated in spreading Lethean’s name across Twitter for the hard work they did during their promotion efforts.

And, as always, you can keep up to date with Lethean via any of the social networks below.

Telegram (community)
Telegram (announcements)




Lethean combines Blockchain and VPN services into a powerful decentralized privacy solution.

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Lethean combines Blockchain and VPN services into a powerful decentralized privacy solution. https://lethean.io/

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