🎁 PLAY token distribution and BINGO bonuses

Dec 1, 2018 Β· 2 min read

Dear community, as you know, recently we have been developing Wizards.one game to improve our skills on EOS development. Now we can say that we are pretty good EOS developers and we are ready to continue our efforts on the LetItPlay project.

PLAY tokens distribution

On 10th, December we will be ready to distribute Play tokens to all participants of the airdrop and bounty campaigns!

We want to underline that Play tokens will be distributed on EOS network and to get them, you have to enter EOS account name (12 symbol combination) on the letitplay.io personal cabinet page.

After 10th, December you will be able to Claim Play tokens to your EOS account by pushing the Claim button in the personal cabinet.

BINGO tokens bonus

Recently our team has also been helping in developing BingoBet project β€” the first American Roulette on EOS blockchain.

For our contribution BingoBet team decided to airdrop BINGO tokens to our community. So, after 10th, December you will also receive BINGO at the rate of 1 BINGO for 1 PLAY.

BINGO tokens are dividend tokens that allow their owners to stake them for earning dividends from BingoBet (50% of the house edge will be distributed to BINGO holders).

*If your local laws do not allow you to own dividend tokens then you have to write to us via mail@letitplay.io to prevent any negative scenarios in the future.

Moreover, after 15th, December BingoBet will add Play tokens support on their site!

How to get EOS account to claim PLAY tokens?

  1. Create EOS account. We recommend you to use https://eos-account-creator.com or mobile wallets like https://eoslynx.com/ or MEET.ONE
  2. Install Scatter to be able to sign the transaction to claim Play tokens in the letitplay.io personal cabinet.
  3. Import your EOS active Private key to Scatter.
  4. After 10th, December you will be able to Claim your tokens by pushing the Claim button and signing the transaction with Scatter.

Official website of the LetItPlay project β€” letitplay.io

Our English community groups:
t.me/letitplay_io β€” Telegram
facebook.com/letitplayio β€” Facebook
steemit.com/@letitplay β€” Steemit
medium.com/letitplay– Medium
twitter.com/letitplay_io β€” Twitter

Our Russian community groups:
vk.com/letitplay_io β€” VK
golos.io/@letitplay β€” Golos
t.me/letitplay_ru β€” Telegram


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