Psychological particularities for auditory data perception

Mar 20, 2018 · 5 min read

A sense is what guides us in a changing world around. Every day our brain processes a huge amount of data coming from visual, auditory and other receptors.

A common mistake is that much of this information — more than 90% — comes in the visual perception. Let us disagree. For each person, the threshold of perception is individual. In addition, there are certain groups of people who posses increased abilities in perceiving one or another data channels — visuals, audiles, kinesthetic learners.

The project LetItPlay is designed for those who are tired of the dominance of visual content and want to get the information they need for themselves in the most convenient format — auditory. For some categories of users, for example blind or visually impaired people, audio might be almost the only way to access the content.

How does a person perceive speech?

Unfortunately, most of the data, perceived by a body, disappears completely. More than 80% of visual information remains unconscious — it passes by our thinking, only forming an unconscious background for human activity. For example, every child learns a language and the ability to make sounds in many ways due to auditory perception.

Audio doesn’t do the job nevertheless. Most of the sound we perceive is pollution and noise which mind consciously misses. Do not forget that the speech flows much slower than thoughts — add another 20% to the total amount of lost information. However, this does not mean that an auditory perception is worse than a visual one. Taking into account the human factor — loss of attention, inabilities to concentrate on something for a long time, the hearing organs have a significant advantage. In order to analyze and remember the data received in an audio way, a person does not need to read carefully or concentrate — just relax and get rid of unnecessary thoughts.

Psychology of speech perception

Many people prefer to perceive information in a visual and tactile way. Surely you have met those who persistently buy paper books for the smell of printing ink, a sound of turning pages, beautiful design and ordinary perception. But there are also those who are more comfortable with listening. Audiles are characterized by a large vocabulary, ability to memorize a large data amount, confidence in communication. But audio content for them, in comparison with visual information, is extremely small! Fortunately, in the future this problem will be solved — thanks to LetItPlay.

But does visual have an advantage over sound perception? It is possible to argue on this topic for a long time, but against one fact there is nothing to object — audio recordings, audiobooks and podcasts create an incredible level of immersion.

At the same time, it is known that the process speech perception comes next to the internal mechanisms of the individual, to the ability of thoughts. But on what exactly does human speech perception depend?

That is why the voice of an experienced speaker will not only be pleasant for listening to, but will also simplify data perception due to pauses, auditory emphasizes on certain passages of the text. In particular, LetItPlay is planned not only to use pleasant synthesized voices, but also the voice of professional speakers. There will be no robotic repulsive voices, but those pleasant for human perception. Professional studios and speakers will be engaged in the voicing process.

From a psychological point of view, the auditory perception also provides a closer contact between the person and the narrator, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the book, carefully study the news or replenish knowledge. Separately note the ease and convenience of listening. You do not have to free time and, having got rid of side sources of noise; carefully dive into the contents of the visual text — auditory perception will independently fill the sound space; no distraction from ordinary activities. This is the most modern and reliable way of obtaining information, thanks to which even the busiest person finds time for new knowledge.

Visual or auditory perception?

This question is especially important for those who need to accumulate knowledge. In this case, several basic rules should be noted at once. Auditing, or perception of information by ear, tires a person faster than visual perception, but it is much more effective. First, you do not have to be distracted from everyday affairs — audio recordings and audio books might be studied in the background. Secondly, having mastered the basic skills of listening, you will learn how to extract important information from the general flow of noise, increasing your mental potentials.

With LetItPlay, the perception of auditory information goes to a fundamentally new level. A large high quality and diverse content will be available for users including an ability of comfortable internal search. Be the first to get the latest news and updates in the most convenient and affordable way.

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