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Firstly, thank you very much for an amazing response to our post “Web Design Trends for 2015".

Thousands (14K+) of you read and shared the post and sent us amazing compliments.

That motivated us to give our insights on what’s going to trend on Mobile in 2015.

The year 2014 saw the huge outburst of growth in the mobile app industry and developers are looking forward to the next big thing. Competition is high and the market is extremely vast with millions of smart phones getting shipped every month. Here are some predictions on what is in store for the mobile industry.

Wearables and smart objects

Accessories like wearables and a connected ecosystem of smart objects are getting popular among users and more companies are offering innovative solutions for the Internet of Things (IOT) paradigm. Samsung has already made its entry into this realm with the launch of smoke detectors controlled using smart phones, washing machines using WiFi, smart TVs and video games. App developers will have to multi-faceted as there will be a need for apps that can interface household appliances and wearable technologies.

Additional security

Researchers like Gartner say that about 75% of the current mobile apps will not be able to stand firm against security threats. Misconfigurations in mobile apps will generate a lot security issues in the coming years. This is of great concern as users are increasingly shifting their business as well as personal data into smartphones and tablets.

Mobile computing has become an integral part of many enterprises and it is only natural that they expect enhanced security measures to protect their critical data. Hence, developers are in a need to provide better security and risk assurance in their apps.

Android leading, iOS innovating

Android is constantly increasing its market share in the mobile app industry and has overtaken iOS as the major mobile platform.

Google has taken drastic steps like shifting the functionality from the core OS to Google Play services and have also made several advancements in uniting the split Android versions. Google is also trending towards a cloud application development that combines the rich user experience of desktop apps and the traditional web applications. It has also acquired the leading smart appliance maker Nest making it a clear winner in shaping the future of mobile app industry.

On the other hand, iOS continues to out-innovate Android with amazing feature-packed gadgets like Apple Watch. But many companies that are targeting the mass market are now having an “Android first” strategy.

Rise in Cross Platform Development

Many new development platforms will rise and many are expected to fall out of competition, but the winning ones will probably be cross platforms that incorporate the expanding capabilities of the web. Native application development is expected to fall out of favor as it poses some serious adaptability of mobile apps. The popularity of new OSes like Cyonagen, SnailFish, FireFox OS, Ubuntu OS and Tizen besides the ruling champions Android and iOS will also drive developers into developing cross platform apps that can be run in as many platforms as possible.

New platforms like Ionic are very well received by the development community. Existing platforms like Phonegap and Appcelerator are also gaining more momentum.

Augmented reality

Many people predicted Augmented Reality to be a trend in 2014. According to us, AR has still not been used at many places where it can really create a wow experience. We still see Augmented Reality can be utilized by Gaming Industry, Furniture Companies, Real Estate Industry, E-commerce Industry, Publishing Industry, etc. 2015 will see AR being used at its full potential.

Mobile payments

Apple created a loud bang by announcing its payments platform this year — Apple Pay. It is certainly going to revolutionize payments using contactless payment technology and additional security features. We see most of the online as well as offline transactions happening via mobile in 2015.

Connected Healthcare

Apple introduced many new features for Connected Health in the new iOS 8 which basically helps the user to track his/her fitness data on a daily basis. With HealthKit, developers will be able to make apps that are better connected and give you a better integration between the fitness app and your health data.

The mobile app industry is ready to upgrade itself to the next level by 2015 with many innovations and new trends that have already created a great hype in the market.

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