David Weisgerber
May 7, 2018 · 3 min read

I am forever grateful to my brother-in-law, Mike, for introducing me to the web series Zack Morris is Trash by Funny Or Die and I would like to pay-it-forward.

What we thought we were watching

The early 90s were all about TGIF, Slap Bracelets and Saved By The Bell.

Back then, Saved By The Bell always seemed like good, clean fun. For us old millennials, it played a pivotal role in our coming of age.

This light comedy focuses on the lives, crushes and pranks of six Bayside High School students. Headed by cutie leader Zach, the six are reminiscent of modern day “Archie” characters, complete with Jughead-like character Screech. Bayside principal Richard Belding tries to keep the gang in check. — IMDB

We thought we were learning important life-lessons.

We thought we were learning there was, ‘No hope with dope’, friends were forever, and, of course, to be cautious of NoDoz.

Dark times for Jessie and her caffeine addiction.

What we didn’t learn, until now, was that Zack Morris, hidden in plain sight, was one of the worst humans to ever walk the earth.

With Zack Morris Is Trash, Funny Or Die has taken a magnifying glass to Zack’s “hijinks” and uncovered that Bayside High School was held hostage at the whim of a madman.

I’m sorry. All my references are from the 90s. #Speed

Through the benefit of hindsight and woke-ness, Zack Morris Is Trash exposes this seemingly innocent teen sitcom for what it is, the profile of a maniacal narcissist who vindictively manipulates his friends and family for personal gain.

It revisits Saved By The Bell with the care and analysis that a 90s pop culture phenomenon deserves.

Watching these 3–5 minute clips makes you feel like you took the red pill in the matrix and nothing will ever be the same.

Namely, that Zack Morris was a monster.

Just a taste of the pure gold that is on this youtube channel:

And my two favorites:

‘That time Zack Morris narc’d on a friendly movie star for smoking weed’

That time Zack Morris gifted himself a homeless girl for Christmas

Growing up, we weren’t allowed to watch The Simpsons or Married With Children but it was all good to have our minds polluted every Saturday morning by a raving lunatic.

Zack Morris is Trash is a genius premise. I’m so jealous of everyone discovering this for the first time.

Cherish the final moments of your childhood before you see it through the prism of Zack Morris being absolute trash.

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David Weisgerber

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Condensed Consumption

Digesting the world in bite-sized chunks

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