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Most business professionals (maybe 99%…?:-)) use Excel as part of their job! One thing I have learned is Excel is almost a guaranteed popular post! The 5 posts highlighted below have had a total of over 28,000 views.

Here are my top 5 based on # of views on Medium:

1 — STOP IT! 3 Things I STOPPED Doing in Microsoft Excel to Boost Productivity (11.7k views)

In summary? Three main changes to my typical Excel use:

  • Stopped using the Excel Ribbon Menu whenever possible (Right click mouse button for shortcut menu and Quick Access Toolbar instead).
  • Stopped using the mouse (and shift to keyboard shortcuts when feasible).
  • Stopped sharing the Excel workbook with others when all they need is the output (use PDF / digital document instead).
“STOP IT!” Excel blog tweet — https://twitter.com/DTomoffCPA/status/840662484805664769

2 — Microsoft Excel: The ONE Automation Macro You Need to Use (6.1k views)

DO NOT be intimidated by macros. Implementing a “PrintToPDF” macro will save you a TON of time.

Microsoft Excel: The ONE Automation Macro You Need to Use tweet — https://twitter.com/DTomoffCPA/status/840663630991511552

3 — Microsoft Excel user? Consider these 5 Productivity Hacks! (5.1k views)

A broad view of my favorite techniques to maximize productivity in daily Excel use:

  • Favorite recommended Excel Add-in
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Pivot Tables for data analysis
  • Excel templates
  • Developing a personal macro workbook
Microsoft Excel user? Consider these 5 Productivity Hacks! tweet — https://twitter.com/DTomoffCPA/status/840666726001975297

4 — Microsoft Excel — Easily Create an Interactive Executive Resource Dashboard (2.9k views)

Microsoft Excel — Easily Create an Interactive Executive Resource Dashboard tweet — https://twitter.com/DTomoffCPA/status/840668455753940992

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