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Use ChatGPT to automate printing worksheets to PDF

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Leila Gharani, Excel MVP, recently shared a great video on how you could use ChatGPT to augment your work in Microsoft Excel.

There is a ton of opportunity to take your productivity to another level by taking advantage of this new artificial intelligence chatbot.

In that video, her last example was how to create an automation routine to print a worksheet, selected via a Dropdown list, that will automatically

👉 generate a PDF

👉 Name the PDF the same as the worksheet name, and

👉 Save it to the same folder the workbook is in.

Even if you have never used macros, you can do this.

EVERY professional can use this technique. Just do it! Check out that tip in the video below!

In case your interested, the full list of topics in Leila’s video are:

1️⃣ 00:00 How to Use ChatGPT with Excel

2️⃣ 00: 52 Write Excel Formula with ChatGPT

3️⃣ 05:06 Data Validation

4️⃣ 08:42 Nested IF Formulas with ChatGPT

5️⃣ 12: 42 Writing VBA Code

6️⃣ 17:14 Wrap Up

Leila, thanks for the video and, in particular, this one fantastic example. Well done!

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