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The more you use PowerQuery (“Get and Transform” in Excel 2016), you will encounter situations where you want to share a query with others or use a query in a different Excel workbook.

This was exactly the situation I ran into on a client project the other day, so it was time to figure this out!

Fortunately, it is very easy to do!

The Process


The example file I am using for this is a real-life client Excel file where we are analyzing selected Twitter accounts.

We “scrape” Twitter using IFTTT and create a Google Sheets file for each account we want to monitor. That is five accounts. Within Excel, we create a query for each account and select “Connection Only”.

We then “Append” those Connection Only queries into one query, modify the content to our preferences and download that one query into Excel as a Table. This then services as our data source for analysis.

Let’s Do It — Create a Copy in Another Excel File

— Access the query you want to copy

  • Open Excel workbook
Select PowerQuery query that you want to copy!
Right-Click to access shortcut menu, select Copy

— Open a new Excel workbook, where we will copy the query into

  • Click on the PowerQuery Add-in and click on Show Pane
New Excel Workbook, Activate the Show Pane Window
  • Inside the Show Pane window, right-click for the shortcut menu and select Paste
Paste the copied query from prior Excel workbook into new Excel workbook
  • The query populates in the new workbook. Save the file and you’re done!
The Query populates, copies over the supporting queries, and loads into a Table in Excel

It’s easy once you know how!

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