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Hyperlink to a Named Range in Excel

I use hyperlinks frequently for easy navigation in my #Excel workbooks.

What I could never figure out was whether I could hyperlink to a Named Range? Turns out it’s fairly easy to do. 😀

Formula Syntax

The HYPERLINK function syntax is

=HYPERLINK (link_location, [friendly_name])

Easy enough — but to use a Named Range, you just have to put a “#” sign in front of it.

For example:

=HYPERLINK(“#”&F1,”Click Here to GoTo”), where F1 is the cell containing the named range (see image above).

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But, Did You Know?

The interesting part is the HYPERLINK function will also accept functions as an argument, so in the example below, I reference the named range “defined range” by using a VLOOKUP (to a Table called “tbl_RangeNamesList”).

=HYPERLINK(“#”&VLOOKUP($F$1,tbl_RangeNamesList[[Range Names]:[Reference]],2),”Click Here to GoTo”)

Not sure I would ever use that, but I thought it was cool you could actually do that in a hyperlink reference. 😁

I will be using this frequently going forward in my models!

Just in case you didn’t know this — now you do!

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