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MS Excel — PowerQuery Can Do That!

A List of Actual Work Use Cases to Get You Thinking!

PowerQuery Can Do That!

Data and data tools seem to be THE hot topic in the business world today. Accounting and finance folks work with data a lot on a daily basis, yet only a minority have heard of or utilized PowerQuery in #excel or #powerbi (that’s my experience from speaking and consulting, and Wyn Hopkins mentions this occasionally in his excellent posts). Tip — follow Wyn on LinkedIn if you don’t already!

I get the question “what does PowerQuery actually do?” My standard response is “it makes work evaporate”.

Somehow, that isn’t specific enough for many people. 🤔

So, from examining how PowerQuery is used on my consulting clients, I put together a list of 26 actual uses. These have a made a huge impact on the daily workflow at these organizations!

Maybe the list will spark a few ideas in your world. Let me know in the comments! Or give me other ways it has benefited you. 🙏

In the document below, there is a link to a shared Google Sheets spreadsheet. Take advantage of it!

You can also view the Google Sheets file from here.

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