Use MS Excel? Don’t Give Away This Advantage!

Managing Data Is Essential — And Power Query is the Foundation

I was surprised by the popularity of my recent Excel related post. Over 1,600 Medium views and almost 150 “re-flips” to magazines in Flipboard!

I received several questions related to “what’s the best way to get started?”.

It’s simple.

The process to working with data, performing analysis and developing insights starts with Extracting and Transforming data. And that falls directly in the strength of Power Query!

If you work with MS Excel, you work with data. And if you don’t leverage PowerQuery, you ARE giving away the advantage! You are using a shovel to move data while anyone using PowerQuery is using a backhoe! Sorry, but it’s true.

Start with Creating Awareness!

1 — Training Courses are Popping Up Everywhere

You can gather that a topic is gaining steam when you start to see training sessions offered about it. In my mind, this is a sign that we “are late to the party” and it’s time to get started figuring out why?

Here are two sessions I recently received from the AICPA (The American Institute of CPAs):

AICPA Training Courses — Power Query / Get and Transform (Excel 2016)
“This webcast will focus on one of the largest barriers CPAs face in their use of data analytics, which is the clean-up of client data into a format that can be used in data analytics.”
“CPA’s need to develop skills in data analytics as the world continues to see an increase in the use of data to gain insight, develop strategies and assist in decision support.”
“These tools provide efficient new methods for accomplishing tasks that were previously manual and time-consuming. In this webcast, we’ll apply these tools in several typical scenarios, including flattening data, splitting and combining columns, formatting data, unpivoting summarized data, and combining several CSV exports.”

I’m not recommending that you take a training course — there are plenty of avenues to learn this on your own. The key is be aware!

2 — ExcelIsFun YouTube video — Power Query for Accountants Session

I recommend this video to anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of what Power Query is an how it is used. As confusing as it may be to the newly initiated, Mike Girvin (YouTube channel ExcelIsFun) does a fantastic job of walking through a couple basic examples.

Excel for Accountants: PowerQuery & PivotTables to Import & Clean Data and Build Reports —

I hope this gets your gears turning! The opportunity for you to fundamentally change how you get and transform data is literally right in front of you.

Don’t give away this advantage! Good luck!

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