Elevate Engagement Manifesto

Building connections to support engaged, community-driven journalism

  • The graphic records made of our discussions by Nitya Wakhlu
  • Notes from our breakout sessions and plenary sessions (uploaded here)
  • Twitter conversations using our event hashtag, #PDXEngage17
  • Notes from conversations had among participants before the event
  • Postcards participants wrote to themselves at the end of the event
  • Themes generated from imagining a thriving engagement community of practice

We belong to a community of remote colleagues, and we crave connections.

“We may never see each other again but the experience will last.” (Quotes are from Experience Engagement participants)

Our values and goals unite us.

“We want to see journalism be less transactional/extractive and more about partnerships.”

We need to learn from one another.

“Let’s conspire — meaning to breathe together. To breathe new life into our work, community, dreams.”

What comes next?

“I need to always stay in a place where I don’t know what I am doing, because if I ever come out of this humble and sacred place then I am not learning, and that doesn’t do any good to anyone.”

  • Connecting via the Experience Engagement Facebook Group.
  • Helping one another get jobs and make industry connections.
  • Bringing Open Space Technology and communication tools to our own workplaces with a goal of better sharing and listening.
  • Tracking our community of practice’s own work and sharing results.

Please join us.

Let us know if you want to be notified when Gather officially launches. Comment below if you have suggestions for what this community needs or if you can offer yourself as a resource point of connection. Or if you prefer, email Joy Mayer, our community manager, at joy@joymayer.com.

Add your voice.

Whether or not you participated in Elevate Engagement, what would you put in your engagement manifesto? We invite your thoughts in the comments, and we also welcome longer reflections on this topic, for future publication. Email those to joy@joymayer.com.

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