The Best Top 5 List You Will Read

You might know him from The Daily Show with John Stewart or maybe the spin off The Colbert Report but now he is on The Late Show and that guy is none other than the one the only… Stephen Colbert. If you don’t know who this is well here is a quick rundown. He is a comedian and now talk show host that was born in Washington, D.C on May 13, 1964. I don’t know if him being born in D.C has anything to do with the fact that most of his comedy is connected to politics. He acted as a very right-sided Republican in The Daily show and in The Colbert Report but once he was done with those shows and started The Late Show with Stephen Colbert he portrayed a more liberal perspective or just his normal self. As he started working on The Late Show, the ratings were not good but then the 2016 election occurred. With his background in making fun of politics, it was a playground for him. And so that’s were the following list comes from. Here are the top 5 segments from Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

5. Stephen Rents The ‘Trump Pee Pee Tape’ Hotel Room For A Night

The reason to start off with is that it shows his dedication to make a joke. He created a whole Russia Week because there were allegations of Trump having relations with Russia and that he allegedly watched prostitutes pee on the bed. Colbert being the investigator that he is he made the journey to find the pee pee tape. The way that he asks about the situation is just hilarious even with just saying pee pee tape gets you. He really stretches the Pee Pee puns from “soaked in history” to “Urine History”. All the way to even using a black light to try to see if there are any regiments and ‘finds’ words that Trump has said on the wall. This segment is an example on how Colbert makes serious topics into more light heart situations which makes it easy to laugh at.

4. Anthony Scaramucci Would Fire Steve Bannon

What is Colbert best at? Well he’s the best at making fun of politics and you know that you have made it when the figure you mock comes on your show. Well when Anthony Scaramucci got on the show you knew that it was a great combination. Anthony Scaramucci is a former White House communication director that only lasted 10 days. He was fired because he has no filter which what can you expect from a Wall Street financier. Right in the beginning when he is walking out they play “Bohemian Rhapsody” because his name rhymes with the lyrics and as he is sitting down the audience boos at him. Then with the character the Mooch is, he couldn’t be controlled but he tried his hardest to not make his image even worse. He talks about Trump and how he would fire Steve Bannon, former chief strategist, who he thinks is a leak. During the interview, Colbert knows exactly what to say to get the reaction that he wants.

3. Stephen Colbert’s and Hilary Clinton’s Midnight Confession Vol. XXXII

For those who don’t know, Stephen is a Catholic and one of the Catholic duties is to go to confessions. Since he is so busy why not kill to birds with one stone. That’s where the segment Midnight Confessions comes into play. This is a segment where he confesses things that he feels bad about to the audience. This confession got in the list because not only are the confession hilarious, but you get a bonus. Hilary Clinton makes her own confession, but it wasn’t what the people were expecting. This is all satirical yet people out there might actually confess things like these. Colbert says some weird things which shows that he isn’t scared of making fun of himself and in some confessions, they can be relatable to those watching which makes it all the more funny.

2. Hungry For Power Games: Republican National Convention

Remember when people used to say that The Hunger Games was what the future holds for us, but the thing is that it had already begun. Well at least for Colbert it began at the elections. For those who are not familiar with Hunger Games, in the movie a boy and girl are chosen from each section to battle for there lives. Doesn’t that sound a lot like politics? Colbert saw this connection and an amazing series of segments where he spoofs the anchorman from the movie emerged. He elaborates on the what has happened in the election and who is still standing to be a candidate/president. In this video he goes to the place where the Republican Party’s convention occurred. His mission that day was to get to the podium in the event. On his way, he looks around and jokes about the party. At one point he jokes about North Carolina and the bathroom signs. With his fabulously blue and black striped wig and fake weasel in hand, he successfully reaches the stage. There he is, standing in center stage to an empty audience. He starts to give a speech but then is rudely interrupted by security. The whole thing is just so elaborate that you can’t stop from being amazed and catching the jokes that he makes.

  1. Stephen Reacts to Trump Calling Him ‘A No-Talent Guy’

With having a so-called President that doesn’t have a filter, it is not a surprise that he tried to bring down Colbert. Oh, but Colbert didn’t take it as an insult but the opposite. He was more than thrilled. He even took jabs at what Trump had claimed. Trump claimed that when he went on the show his appearance was the highest rating but then Colbert hits him by saying that Jeb Bush’s segment was more highly rated than his. Burn. Then Colbert hits back that Trump himself has bad ratings from the people of the United States. To bring it all together, he tells Trump if he wants to end his talent then he should resign so he won’t have material on him which gives Colbert a win win. This tops the list because it shows that he is not scared of taking risks and taking risks is what leads to a great performer.

So what do you think? Is this what you had in mind for the best top five list of Stephen Colbert? Each video segment shows something special about Colbert. His dedication, goofiness, and analytical strategy is what divides him from other comedian hosts.