Show and Share — Profile Piece

By Noemi Griffin

An 8-year-old skater pro — 60 Second Docs

I found this story while scrolling through the 60 second docs Facebook page. I choose this story because it’s always inspirational to see young people find and do what they love in life. The piece is short and to the point and tells her story very well.

This piece is an example of good journalism because it is able to tell a story interestingly and in a short period of time so that the audience doesn’t lose focus. The images change quick enough to keep the eye engaged but are up for long enough for the brain to process them. The use of music is appropriate and non-distracting.

I personally like the piece because it is on an 8-year-old. I feel that children who are well spoken are incredibly interesting to listen to and I am glad that her story was told.

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