Show & Share: “The Future of America at the Women’s March on Washington”

By Devyn Mode

While trying to find the final numbers at the Women’s March on Washington, I found this article on Forbes online written by Frances Bridges (

I chose this story because it is very close to my heart — I planned on attending the march myself, but had to give up my bus seat at the last minute. My aunts attended the march and they carried a sign with my picture on it. They marched for me and my rights, so naturally, I followed reporting on the march very closely.

This article is interesting to me because it focuses on the children in attendance at the march, something I had not thought about prior to reading it. Is it safe to bring children to a protest? Would I have brought my child?

The writer of this story thinks a protest is one of the most productive places for a child, and now I’d say I have to agree. A protest, if it is peaceful, shows children first-hand how to exercise their important rights. Moreover, it can make them see that their voice matters, they are not alone, and they can make a change. Also, the photo of a tiny Lady Liberty on her loved-one’s shoulders is simple, yet reflects both the skill and luck of the photographer.

And that’s why this is a great piece of journalism — it is short enough to keep my attention, yet powerful enough to pull me off the fence on the children-at-protests-issue.

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