Show & Share: Pakistan’s Malala | CNN

By Elliot James

The Background.

I have been a great admirer of Malala Yousafzai over the past few years. I first learned about her around the time she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

She shares a great story on how peaceful acts of resistance can travel far distances, transcend country borders and shake a global population.

Her strength is more that just inspirational. And the wisdom she carries at her age, unprecedented.

The Why?

I chose to feature this article by Ashley Fantz for CNN because of its imagery.

The writer does an amazing job at setting the scene for Malala’s story and taking the reader through an engaging timeline of events.

Before I began looking, I knew I wanted to find an article on Malala that showcases good profile writing.

First, because she has an amazing story to tell. Second, because I wanted to learn more about her.

With a simple Google search, I found Fantz’ piece on

Fantz’ article is a good piece of journalism, because it delivers a lot of information to the reader in an understandable way.

A writer, she take the approach to the piece as a story teller.

The article reads like a book, rather than flat document releasing facts.

My most favorite part of Fantz’ article was the beginning.

She hooked her readers with an antidote on monsters and children, then quickly tied it into Malala’s story.

I thought this was beautifully creative and relatable to most readers.

Also, the approach that CNN takes on delivering their online contact is well thought out.

The article is published with a light of story highlights, subheadings, and a related video. It was visually appealing.

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