Show & Share: “The Man Who Made Adidas Cool Again”

By Dylan Malamala

Publication: Buzzfeed. Article can be found HERE.

Gaudio. Bryan Aulick for BuzzFeed News.

I found this story one day while I was on Buzzfeed. I read it when it was first originally published and thought it was really interesting. I love Adidas and seen how they have made a comeback and thought it was a cool piece. I also chose it because when I read profile piece in all honesty, this popped into my head.

I think this is a great piece of journalism because it sets up the story in a way that gives you a description of the setting, the people the atmosphere. I feel as though you could read this story and get a grasp of what everything was like without any pictures. A great piece of journalism is going to transport you to the scene that the journalist is setting up, and I think this piece does that.

Bryan Aulick for BuzzFeed News

The details in this story really drew me to it. The writer did not leave anything out. It was not all fluffy, there was information in there, facts that one might not know. This is a profile looking at how a company rose under this man. I like it because it is something that I would want to write and I can appreciate the detail and the small things that the writer paid attention to. Overall it engaged me and I wanted to keep reading all the way to the end.

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