DNAFit and Vita Mojo: taking personalised nutrition to the next level

Grab a genetically-matched meal in London. We’re making eating for your genes easier, and tastier, than ever before.

This is what a genetically matched meal looks like for me. Plenty of Omega 3 and antioxidants.

Welcome to the future of personalised nutrition

If that headline catches you a bit off guard. Here’s a video to explain. Join Andrew Steele (Head of Product, DNAFit) and Charley Gloerfelt-Tarp (Marketing Director, Vita Mojo) discussing the future of personalised nutrition, and how you can use your DNAFit results to create the perfect meal for your body at Vita Mojo.

If you’re already a DNAFit customer (just Londoners I’m afraid), you can enter “DNA” at check out to get a 50% off your first Vita Mojo purchase.

The rise and rise of personalisation

As a concept, personalisation is not new. In the days before Amazon existed, shoppers had intimate relationships with brands (such as their local food store). Everyone knew everyone’s name, whether you liked white or brown bread and whether little Sally cried if the store manager didn’t give her a lollipop.

Of course, we didn’t call it personalisation, we called it customer service.

Then, along came the internet — with the problem of overwhelming choice and limited insight into who the shopper was. But pretty quickly, online retailers realised that you could make recommendations based on a person’s shopping history and get closer to that friendly store of olden days and, in doing so, reclaim the spirit of customer service.

That was going gangbusters… until Cambridge Analytica and Facebook became public enemy number one: making people think twice about their digital footprint.

While these guys were busy rigging electrons, other companies were getting it right by asking customers to volunteer their data with immediate beneficial effects.

Think Netflix.

You make a few choices and the whole experience becomes about you. Netflix even quotes how accurate each recommendation is, giving you a percentage match based off of your previous selections.

Stranger Things. 95% match! Image source: Irish Examiner

In an interview with the Irish Examiner, Todd Yellin, Netflix Vice President of Product Innovation, explains “The algorithm isn’t static, it’s constantly learning and improving. The more you watch, the better it gets.
It was engineered out of necessity — the sheer volume of content meant we couldn’t expect members to scroll through thousands of titles, so we needed to help them find and discover content they’d love.” 
Platforms like Amazon and Netflix rely on data to make a recommendation. Vita Mojo and DNAFit are doing something similar, but with food.

The personalised food revolution

By nature, food is personalised. But, to what end? I can buy what I want from a supermarket, make a sandwich or salad, add dressing and even add a few cheeky crisps if I wish. But how do I know if I’m making the right choices for my body?

Until recently, your doctor would be the ‘go to’ source of advice, possibly facilitated by a blood test saying, for example, that you’re low in Iron. But, going to the doctor is both expensive and time-consuming!

Now that the DNA testing revolution is firmly afoot, people can take control of their wellness. Companies such as DNAFit specialise in unpacking your genetic information and offering guidance on food sensitivities, intolerances and vitamin needs. All this is based on the best possible data: your genes.

Armed with this data, a person can alter their shopping list drastically, and now… even transform their restaurant experience.

Vita Mojo have firmly wrapped their arms around this concept. Normally, when you go into their stores you make some quick selections from an iPad and they whip you up a meal. But, by integrating your DNAFit results, each menu item is flagged with either a green to a red Helix to donate the health benefit or risk associated with that product.

The benefits don’t just stop with health. Vita Mojo also experience higher order values from DNAFit customers compared to the norm. And, probably my personal favourite, they experience less waste. Personalisation keeps supplies in check in the kitchen and trays empty when a meal is finished.

Keen to try your first genetically matched meal from Vita Mojo? Here’s how to integrate with DNAFit. And don’t forget to add DNA at checkout for a 50% discount off your first purchase.