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Welcome to the debut issue!


SUNDAY: May 07, 2023

Greetings subscribers, and welcome to the debut issue of my Affiliate’s Row Weekly Newsletter.

Although this issue is the first of many more to come, this debut issue is more of a pre-launch, in preparation of the first full issue to be published on Sunday: May 14, 2023.

I made the decision to do it that way, so that I can have an entire week, to notify readers about this new resource.

Who can benefit from this newsletter?

Currently, this newsletter is being made available for the public to read on the Medium platform.

Hopefully, I can start obtaining subscribers, sooner than later.

But after the first few issues, I plan to make it available via subscription only.

That’s why it’s important to SUBSCRIBE.

Subscribe to the publication AND to the newsletter, and you’ll be sure not to miss a single issue.

I think followers will be pleasantly surprised at the various promotional opportunities that subscribers can participate in.

For instance, over the past week, I randomly selected several Medium members and their Gumroad products to promote.

Naturally, the new Affiliate’s Row Directory played a big part in that.

You can find the following Gumroad creators listed in various categories:

Abena Talks | Jovan Cicmil | Burk | Jenn Leach | Victoria Kurichenko | Saijo George | Chris Cownden and Melih Gungor.

Other products and services that I listed, were selected from Gumroad creators who are not currently Medium members.

I believe this is a strategic practice that can potentially yield good results.

For instance, what’s not to love about a product like the one offered by “The Armored Garage” on Gumroad?

Their “Armorsmith Designer” product is described as:

“…a tool for creating and constructing costumes with ease. With Armorsmith, you can design your own avatar and customize it to your liking, then attach 3D model costume parts to bring your vision to life.”

Personally, it sounds totally awesome, but that’s just me.

Listing and mentioning the products and services that Medium members create is only part of my objective.

Notice what else the directory is being used to accomplish.

A great way to illuminate your Medium stories

In addition to the actual directory listings, I’ve also found a great way to illuminate some of your Medium stories!

I’ve been busy promoting them in the directory, in sections and areas that the story content relates to.

For example, I was able to post a mention about one of Abena’s Medium stories, right along side the listing for her Gumroad product: Online Writer Accelerator Coaching (Affordable Monthly Subscription).

Another example, is how I posted a story written by Medium writer Saijo George.

He talked about the value of newsletters, so naturally, I shared his story in my section designated for promoting newsletters.

And finally, I also took advantage of creating and placing promo ad images about various people and products, including my own.

Notice the simple but stunning ad image that I created for Medium writer Melih Gungor.

I posted this ad under his Gumroad product, as a way to shine a little extra light.

So, as you can see, the Affiliate’s Row Directory is really taking off in the right direction, just like I want this weekly newsletter to do.

If you like what you’re hearing, and you want to keep discovering more, make sure you subscribe and stay connected.

Now let’s consider what’s ahead…

Story alerts and upcoming content

Next week (Sunday: May 14th), the official launch of Affiliate’s Row Newsletter will consist of a full issue — complete with comments and feedback from new subscribers.

Readers can also expect to get some valuable insight, that could ultimately affect their own earnings.


  • How to Make Sure Your Gumroad Affiliate Links are Not LOSING Money!

This story will drop sometime during the week, early enough to get some reader feedback, and include worthwhile responses in the premiere issue of the newsletter.

But that’s not all you’ll be getting in the first full issue of my brand new affiliate’s resource on Medium.

You can also…


Find out which Medium members were recently added and what their listings contain.


Get tips, and practical advice from high earners on the Gumroad e-commerce website.


A candid review of how my first week of listing members in the directory went.


Learn more about e-commerce and the affiliate marketing industry, from noteworthy online sources.

That’s a Wrap

That about wraps it up for this limited, debut issue of the Affiliate’s Row Weekly Newsletter.

I look forward to any constructive feedback, to help me make this newsletter a success.

But don’t forget that this can only be possible, when readers subscribe, visit, and use the directory on a regular basis.

Please feel free to leave comments, submit inquiries, and participate by getting listed, and taking advantage of the affiliate products and services available.

Until next week —

Thanks for reading….

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