Let’s Hear It: Our Mission

How It Started

After the election, I think a large community of women felt very different, disappointed and angsty yet more empowered to take immediate action to speak out against unequal treatment. We saw a wave of mistreatment come about not only through words, but physical abuse as well. There was a period of time when the NYTimes, Bloomberg, WSJ, and others would expose the news about sexual harassment almost every day that affected venture capital, tech, entertainment, and many other industries. While sharing articles with your friends to inform them is admirable, I wanted to do a bit more to declutter the madness and create a place where anyone could keep themselves updated on how women are taking initiative to speak out. Inspired by initiatives like Fortune’s The Broadsheet and Quartz’s How We’ll Win, the platform was launched as an online space that I hope both men and women bookmark on their browsers. You can find stories about how women like Aileen Lee and Jess Lee are starting initiatives like All Raise to help diversify venture capital and tech or see how women like Susan Fowler and Ellen Pao took action to advocate for themselves and their careers.

Thinking Further

As I continued to work on building the platform, I realized there was another problem. In and outside of school, I would hear men and women say they feel there aren’t many women out there negotiating for offers, starting their own businesses, or climbing up the ranks.

So I took a step further and realized that LHI should serve two purposes: one, share published stories to keep everyone updated on the women who are speaking out and two, share interviews and contributory pieces on everyday women who have a story to share, whether it be how they changed career paths or started their own thing. With two goals in mind, I hope to advocate for women in any shape or form, who hope to change the world with their ideas, grit, and drive.

I started the accompanying Let’s Hear It publication to get the chance to interview diverse women and share their advice, experiences, and learnings with any women who’s interested in benefiting from them. I see incredible value in talking to women and learning from them, not only for career advice, but for personal issues that women oftentimes need other women to help guide them through. I am thoroughly enjoying connecting with women, talking to them about their experiences, and being able to share those stories with a broader community is an extra benefit to be a part of the greater conversation on what it means to be a modern woman.

If you know someone who’d enjoy the platform, share it with them! Stay tuned for more interviews, stories, and updates. Find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Medium.