1st of July marked the beginning of something for me. I don’t really know what, so let’s just call it “something”.

This is the story of a 22 year old UI/UX Designer that is from today the auto-proclamated “CEO” (whatever that thing is) of a Startup that hopefully will make “something” nice.

The story in topics:

  • I’m a self-taught guy. Not graduated.
  • Two years ago, just like the 42,1% rate of young people in Portugal, I was unemployed.
  • In late 2011 I ended up finding a job as a E-mail marketing Designer.
  • I wasn’t able to take any pleasure from designing Newsletters. So in May 2012 I fully-designed an unsolicited App for the company I was working on, on my extra time, to try to show my Mobile Design skills.
  • They ended up liking it, and I’ve been working with Mobile in the past months, being lucky to have worked in some really nice projects.
  • Last month, I felt that I needed a new challenge. So, I quit my job.
  • In that afternoon, my dismissal was refused by the CEO.
  • I was asked what I would like to do. I said: I want to launch my own product, my own Startup.
  • We agreed to start this and today is my first day as a “CEO” of the Startup we are going to launch. My ex-CEO became my Angel Investor.

That’s the status of things right now.

So I’m making this Blog to share this experience with everybody. The ups and downs. The blood, sweat and tears.

My goal is clear: to change the world.

Let’s do it.