Uber for Food

I wish ordering dinner was as easy as ordering a ride.

Whenever hunger strikes, all you’d have to do is open the app, tap what you want to eat, and it would be delivered to you within 15 minutes.

There should be a small set of good options. Something filling, something healthy, something ethnic, something local. Each should be represented by a single beautiful photo and label. If you want to get really fancy, it might know something about my preferences, but it doesn’t need to. The main goal is to solve my hunger problem with as little effort as possible.

It shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive, but I’m willing to pay a premium in exchange for not having to expend any effort whatsoever on feeding myself. It doesn’t matter to me where the food comes from so long as it’s safe to eat, tasty, and healthy.

The closest thing to this that already exists are restaurant delivery aggregation websites. They aren’t easy enough to use, give me too many choices, take too long, and have varying quality. This app would solve all those problems.

Wouldn’t it be awesome?