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Just a little text to bring the internet up to speed on my life

Hey Internet. I wanna say it’s been a minute, but I did just post from mobile a couple of days ago. That was exciting, I’m sure. Well. I’m sure most of you who know me are either wondering where I am, or simply not caring at all. If it’s the later, then I’m flattered that you care enough to read this.

As for where I am? Reston. Reston, VA to be more exact, but that’s not where I live… yet. I’m currently staying with my roommate at his folks house out in the outskirts or Warrenton, VA . So, why did I bring up Reston? Well, as of two-ish weeks from today, that’s where I’ll be working. I’ll be starting off as a Junior graphic designer for a small startup in the area. That’s right, folks, I’ve finally quit the hell hole which is Starbucks. It took a while, and wasn’t the best planned, but it happened. Ironically enough, despite my unemployment at the establishment, I’m currently sitting and typing this from a Starbucks in the area. Now, I would go to another coffee shop for the same purpose, but oddly enough, I don’t know any. I also don’t think there even are any in this area. It’s a weird notion, coming from Norfolk, where there were at the very least seven.

It’s weird how life tends to remind you of your geographical and/or cultural origination. Whether it’s previous places of employment, or semi-familiar sounding street names, you can’t help but ponder about the past. Sometimes even surprising yourself as to how you got here, almost forgetting the struggle you went through to get to where you are, no matter how random or unrelated it might have been.

So now here I am, really unable to do a whole lot until I start working. If you look on a map, warrenton is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. That or it’s such a small town that 10 miles in any direction will land you out in the woods. With no street lighting aside from that of your car. It’s terrifying. Being from the city, I’ve never seen places this secluded. Oh, and as a cherry on top of this terrible mud cake, there’s ever so surprisingly NO cellular reception usable enough for the modern day denizen. I’m talking if you’re getting any reception at all, it’s most likely EDGE (which is about 800mHz, where LTE tends to function on 1900+mHz in some regions). I’ve been able to send a couple of tweets in those times, but it’s been splotchy in terms of where I even get such usability.

As such, I’m anxious, no, excited, to move to civilization. I’m not, however, content about rental prices in most of the surrounding areas. I’ll be making more money now, yes… But, when compared to living around here, it’s the same as if I got paid less to live in a cheaper place. I don’t know. I have to familiarize myself with the surrounding areas and make an educated estimation as to the most logical place to live, both within distance of work, and avoiding traffic as much as possible. Speaking of traffic, it’s horrendous here. Maybe not as bad as the purported “LA traffic” everyone hears about, but I’d say this place is a solid runner up.

Anyway, back to my doing nothing in this Starbucks. Answering emails or browsing the web while listening to this weird 90's throwback station that, so far, hasn’t disappointed. I’ll see you on the flipside, internet. I’ll probably tune back in to let you know how my job is doing in comparison to my last. I doubt I’d have anything negative to say, but I guess we’ll wait and see.

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