Become Part of A Branded Game — A Generous way to advertise.

There are numerous possibilities for partnerships on the Pointvoucher marketing platform. With a branded mobile game and a branded voucher shop, brands (game partners) can invite partners, sponsors, or suppliers to be part of their solution, thereby not only financing the entire project or parts of it, but also gaining a far greater customer reach through collaboration between everyone involved.

What can a game sponsorship offer?

  • In-game sponsorship and advertising — the generous way.
  • Drive to shop — through vouchers in the voucher shop.
  • Reach new potential customers.

In-game sponsorship and advertising — the generous way.
Give your partners a highly engaging advertising space in your game by including sponsored levels, sponsored game features, or sponsored surprise presents.

Sponsored level example.

It’s a great way to advertise brands and/or products by displaying them in a fun gaming environment for 3 or 4 minutes while people are playing — and yes, we know some might think this is advertisementally cringeworthty — however, try to bypass the cringy feels, and keep in mind: Because the concept is based on points and vouchers, you can be generous and reward the players for the time they spend with you. Rewards could be a free booster, some diamonds to use in the game, etc. And you can even add a special offer that will drive traffic to your website, once you decide the time is right. It’s an awesome way to thank players, and to them, it’s going to feel like they are walking past an outdoor with an ad from Coca Cola, and as a thank you for looking at it, they’re handed a free Coke and a smile from the vendor guy. That’s generous advertisement!

Add an extra layer of fun and games.
On top of the generous sponsorship, your partners can add some extra fun and invite the players to see a video ad in exchange for points or join competitions through a mini game, where they can win prizes.

Sponsored level mini games examples.

Generous drive to shop mechanism.
Invite your partners to add vouchers in your shop and help them get new customers. Use the voucher shop as a new marketing channel, where it’s possible to test and market new products, add videos about the products, and of course drive (new) customers to the shop. It will also help your brand offer products directly to the players, thereby enabling a broader offer with more products and experiences.

Generous way of reaching new potential customers.
A sponsor can also help the game partner generate more downloads by enabling owned channels, and advertise special exclusive-to-players offers though those. If a game partner invites 10 brands to sponsor levels, and they all trade with posts on social media, newsletter mentions, etc., it’s going to have a huge impact on getting noticed. In turn that means a much stronger user acquisition — and it’s a win-win situation.

More value — less effort.
Generosity is about sharing. Increase the chances of success by sharing your game with partners that could have an interest in being part of it. Everyone wins!

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Nicolai Elmqvist
Co-Founder and CMO, Innovation Director

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