Let’s play and merge.

From the first sight Merged! game looks like a dead simple domino, until you start playing and realise it is yet another cool type of Match 3 puzzle.

So what’s the catch?

The game attracts with bright colours and a simple game board, where you have to place single or double tiled dominoes. When three ones are connected — a two block is created, when three two blocks are merged — a block with three dots generated and so on. Though, the goal is to connect three tiles of six and get a special M block, which connected to other two M blocks, creates an explosion and clears all blocks around. Hence, the key is to restrain filling up the grid and keep going as long as possible.

Why we love it?

It slightly reminds us of another simple and popular puzzle 2048, because of its simplicity and the mission to merge same numbers in order to get higher ones. But those visual effects when three tiles merge are very satisfying.

Final thoughts?

Even though it takes some strategy to master and enjoy Merged!, this is one of those games that will not infuriate you when you lose. Thus, we see this game as a great solution to play on the go, since you can start and pause and come back to merge at any point in time, even offline.

You can download Merged! here: iOS, Android.

Let’s play!

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