Let’s Talk History 29: ‘Mother of Two Nations’, ‘The Peace of Pocahontas’, Adieu


Following a visit to the court of King James I (in order to encourage support for the Virginia Company and emigration to the Virginia Colony), Pocahontas dies while on a return trip to Jamestown. She is believed to have been approximately 21 years old and is buried in the town of Gravesend (England). John Rolfe returns to Virginia Colony, leaving Thomas Rolfe with caregivers in England, and later remarries. It is not known if Rolfe dies of illness or in the mass attack of the Second Anglo-Powhatan War.

See: Pocahontas, legacy


Matoaca, Virginia

Pocahontas, Arkansas

Pocahontas, Illinois

Pocahontas, Iowa (in Pocahontas County)

Pocahontas, Mississippi

Pocahontas, Missouri

Pocahontas, Tennessee

Pocahontas, Virginia

Pocahontas County, West Virginia


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John Brougham, Po-Ca-Hon-Tas, or The Gentle Savage, 1855, burlesque, satiric comedy


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Visual Art

Johann Theodor de Bry, The Abduction of Pocahontas, painting, 1616

Simon van de Passe, engraving, 1616

John Gadsby Chapman, The Baptism of Pocahontas, painting, 1840 (U.S. Capitol Rotunda)

William Ordway Partridge, statute, St. George’s Church, 1922

Pay attention to Anglo-Native relations following the death of Pocahontas. And Powhatan next Tuesday. See ya then! >>>