Let’s Talk History 49: Anne Hutchinson vs. Sola Scriptura


(1637–1638). English Puritan and community leader Anne Hutchinson is convicted of heresy, ex-communicated from the Church of Boston, and banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony along with supporters for publicly preaching religious beliefs at odds with puritan clergy in Boston.

Hutchinson settles in present-day Rhode Island and, later, New York City, where she and a majority of her family and household are killed by Natives in Kieft’s War, or the Wappinger War, in 1643

see: Anne Hutchinson, notable Antinomian, Covenant of Grace adherent

see also: the Antinomian Controversy, or the Free Grace Controversy (1636–1638) — political conflict and theological debate between colonial magistrates and ministers, and followers of English puritan minister John Cotton, also called Free Grace advocates or Antinomians (also Anabaptists, Familists), concerning the Covenant of Works and Covenant of Grace, respectively.

*note (Puritanism and) the colonial Puritan majority held the Bible (and behavior, or good deeds) as the ultimate indication of salvation and authority (“sola scriptura”), while free grace gave precedence to personal, or direct, revelation from God see: Antinomianism as counter to Calvinism, Lutheranism, and Anglicanism. Antinomianism = literally, “against the law”, the view that no moral laws exist for Christians to obey, as faith alone determines salvation

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