Let’s Talk History Part 11: Back to Catholic, Forward to ‘1st Queen’ Regnant


Mary Tudor becomes Queen Mary I of Ireland and the first queen regnant of England. (Though legally illegitimate and so written out of the succession by Henry VIII following his divorce from her mother Catherine of Aragon, Mary is reinstated (along with her half-sister Elizabeth) by the 1543/1544 Third Act of Succession)

In January 1554, the uprising of Wyatt’s Rebellion occurs in response to Mary’s insistence upon a proposed marriage to Catholic prince Felipe (Philip) II of Spain. Mary and Philip marry in July 1554

Under Mary, religious laws passed in the reign of her half-brother Edward VI are repealed and Catholic Church doctrine is restored; over 200 Protestants are burned between 1555 and 1556 in the Marian persecutions under the November 1554 Revival of the Heresy Acts, prompting the sobriquet “Bloody Mary” see also: the Spanish Inquisition (1478–1834): torture and executions for heresy (under Ferdinand & Isabella, then Phillip II) see: anti-Semitism in Spain, pogroms. expulsion of Jews from Spain

In January 1556, Philip becomes King Philip II of Spain (with Mary as his queen consort)

In 1558, the French capture Calais, an (and the only) English-held possession in France since the 14th century. As Mary dies without an (male) heir, Elizabeth assumes succession in 1558

So the English are technically Spanish?

Stay tuned for the ascension of “The Virgin Queen” Elizabeth I, under whom the “Lost Colony” of Roanoke in present-day North Carolina is established and, soon after, mysteriously deserted.

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