Victoria Home Education Advisory Committee: Why is VHEAC important to me?

Representation in government committees is one of the most powerful things for special interests to have. Many homeschooling families and communities don’t have representation. This leaves them open to draconian regulation. In some countries, parents are banned from basing their children’s education from home. In Victoria, Australia, we have representatives. They meet regularly with the education department to voice our concerns and respond to theirs. This is the VHEAC. In states where the homeschooling community doesn’t have…




Unpacking myths and misconceptions around homeschooling. Sharing information and supporting each other on this journey. Embracing the family lifestyle and encouraging others.

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Ann Leach

Ann Leach

Writer, Public Speaker, Home Educator, part-time Minimalist, full-time Learner, Mother, Woman living life to its fullest and loving every minute of it

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